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Monday, 23 May 2011

Hoodwinked? I think not!

     I haven't said a lot post election, regarding the outcome of the 41st election, which has delivered to us a Harper majority. This was purposeful, as I wanted to take a bit of time to pay attention to what others were saying. The media, the various social media, and people I take time to talk to at the various place I go.

     I'd like to say it's laughable, but it isnt.

     My feeling that people aren't very bright most of the time has been heavily reinforced. Before you think I am some kind of big-feeling pompous ass, I want you to know I also include myself in the same category, since I find many times when I realize I should have put more thought or more research into something before coming to a conclusion. This often leads to me changing my mind, which, I believe, differentiates me from the majority, in that, when I find I am wrong, I am willing to admit I was wrong and alter my thinking and actions accordingly. For many, this is a step they just won't take. When they find they're wrong, rather than admit they may have been incorrect in their thought process, they entrench. They ignore facts and evidence and cling to their mistaken beliefs in order to not have to admit they were wrong. I see it every day, because I engage a lot of people in discussion. Usually it works like this: Person 1 makes a statement of "fact" (in quotations because they've only stated what they believe to be true). At this point, I will generally call them out on their statement, presenting what I know through research and experience to be the truth of the matter. This inevitably leads to my being called all kinds of names, right up to being threatened by "internet bullies" who somehow think acting like a 6 year old has suddenly reversed the truth and made their point magically become reality. Generally, I won't stoop to this level since it makes absolutely no sense to a grown up to behave that way, so I will either continue to try to engage them with fact (only if I see a glimmer of hope they may have a common sense bone somewhere) or I'll just stop responding (when I see it's absolutely hopeless to continue to try to talk sense to them).

     Which leads me to this, my latest diatribe on the Jerk referred to as Stephen Harper. I like most people. Even some who are relatively jerky, I will try to find good qualities rather than dwell on the bad. When it comes to Stephen Harper I harbour a great distate for this individual. I'd have no problem telling him to his face what I think of him, I would probably derive great pleasure in doing so.

     What really galls me is what I've been seeing since the day Harper appointed his bloated cabinet, then walked away before a release was issued that he had appointed to the senate three of his cronies who had lost on election day. I have to admit, I was taken by surprise, not that Harper had done what he did, but by the reaction from conservative supporters. The same morons who voted for this asshole, indeed many of the same "so-called" journalists who endorsed him and encouraged others to give this clown the ultimate power he so craved, expressing some kind of "moral outrage" at these indefensible senate appointments.

     I'm not new to Harper bashing. I took notice of this punk in an expensive suit long before he was ever leader of his party, let alone Prime Minister of what once was a great country. Many years ago I took note of the things he was saying publicly, I recognized him as a flat out US-style far right republican (however, I've revised this with the advent of the Tea Party because that is where he fits) and being the kind of person that actually cares about others and thinks government can play a constructive roll in the lives of citizens, I began to pay attention to him. I followed his rise to prominence, watched as his various power plays gained traction and how he destroyed the Progressive Conservative party and turned it into republican north. He's not a stupid man, just shallow, small minded, and the ultimate playground bully. He's managed to cloak himself in the "conservative" name, which is rather clever on his part, because many of his supporters somehow cling to the mistaken belief this is the same party as the progressive conservatives they voted for all their lives, that their parents and their parents before them voted for. Nothing could be further from the truth, which reinforces my belief that most people are just plain dumb or too lazy to look at the facts.

     What else could possibly explain Canadians handing absolute power to this fascist? In the face of all of the evidence of his dictatorial tendencies, in the face of him surrounding himself with criminals as his top advisors, in the face of fraud, faked reports, mad-whore spending that would put the most left wing socialist to shame, contempt for parliament, contempt for the media, contempt for Canadians, 2 prorogations of parliament to keep himself in power, and all of the other disgusting crap this power hungry freak has rained down upon us, morons flocked to the polls to give him more power than someone like him should ever have. Now they're whing. Publicly crying foul because he is doing what he has always done.

     I wonder if they think this forgives them for what is going to happen to this country over the next few years. I certainly don't forgive them. I don't feel the least sypathy for any of these people, who are bemoaning the first moves of our new dictator, they're directly responsible for giving him the power to do whatever he wants to do, and what he wants to do is make Canada into America North. Make no mistake about it, you will hear wailing and gnashing of teeth from the same blithering bastards who did everything they could to give this man what he wanted. Dictatorship of Canada.

     Laughingly, they pontificate as though this is some kind of surprise. That, somehow, by giving this small minded creep a majority, he would change his ways. Stephen Harper is going to change, just not in any way that is positive for this country. The most unfortunate thing about it? People are so stupid they ignored every bit of evidence the worst thing that could happen to Canada in the entire history of the country would be to put ultimate power into the hands of this freak.

     I don't find any of this funny. For years I have watched in horror as this piece of garbage consolidated his power, then gained power, then proved though a multitude of actions he is an irresponsible and dangerous man, and in return was given ultimate power in this country. If he wants to recall parliament and enact his radical right agenda, there is nothing short of revolution to stop him. If he wants to gut medicare, he can. If he wants to make abortion illegal, he will. If he wants to remove the rights of marginalized people who fought long and hard to gain a bit of understanding and acceptance, he is going to. Fact is, Stephen Harper is our dictator. Just like Franco, or Stalin, or Hitler, or any of those people I will be villified for comparing him to, Stephen Harper is your supreme ruler and he does not give a damn about your wants, needs, opinions or anything else for that matter. It's too late to whine, it's too late to moan, and far too late to pretend you had no idea what the Harper agenda was.

     No one should be surprised. Stephen Harper has not had a hidden agenda. He's been clear for 2 decades where he wanted to go, and where he wanted to take this country. Because plenty of the irresponsible media types chose to ignore this, we got what they wanted, only now, they are crying about it.

     To read their crap, listen to their crap, you whould think they'd been hoodwinked. If I've known and spoke out against this man and his agenda for over a decade, how is it these so-called journalists with all of the access and resources available to them, are now screaming as if they had no idea Harper would move immediately to show his contempt for all?? I submit they are either incredibly naive and stupid, or perhaps, seeing all the other losers who pretended they were journalists being appointed to the senate, they were angling for their own plum job for life.

     Hoodwinked? I think not.

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