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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

We Can & Will. We must.

     This is a message of utmost importance. If you are one of the majority of Canadians who did not vote for Stephen Harper's Tea Party government, this is the single most important idea I could possibly try to spread. For this blog post, I'm not asking you politely to share it, I absolutely urge you to share it.

     Shit, meet fan. You two will be getting to know each other a lot.

     We've seen what the first short period of a Harper Tea Party majority brings us. The first act was the "in-your-face" appointment/reappointment of three loyal conservative losers to the Senate. That was Harper's first chance to tell the majority of Canadians "Fuck you losers, I'm the supreme ruler now and there is nothing you can do". Or is there??

     If anyone harbours any illusions as to the agenda this pseudo-dictator has, take off the rose coloured glasses, come out of the fog, wakey wakey, and all that good stuff. I always try to deal with truth in this blog, truth is ugly at the best of times for the most part, but truth is reality, it cannot be denied or ignored, so it's best to stare it in the face and do what has to be done.

     Anyone who pins their hope on the "Official Opposition" in the 41st parliament, you are seriously delusional and should you decide to cling to that hope, I wish you well in the new, republican Canada. If you think the mainstream media is in your corner, think again. I feel badly for your mental health if you buy any criticisms of the Harper Tea Party government put forward by all of those publications and broadcasters who enthusiastically endorsed this petty little man and his cadre of grinning robots. Even most of the media we used to be able to count on to act as a foil to this band of thieves, bullies and outright thugs have obviously found some reason to have a chill instilled in them. Perhaps there's a veiled threat to cut off access or in the case of CBC, outright de-fund the service. In any event, the voices of the majority cannot, under any circumstances, count on any of the usual avenues of society as we previously had enjoyed.

     The Stephen Harper Tea Party government has already reached a level of arrogance which would have made the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau seem like a wallflower. The little we have learned about the crooked dealings probably amount to maybe 10% of what has and is happening, yet, if half the cabinet was filmed taking part in the recent Vancouver riot, they would not only keep their positions, the Harper Tea Party government would shrug it off, refuse to talk about it, and I will guarantee the media would talk about absolutely nothing of substance and anything that may distract you from the continuing criminal enterprise that now has full control of almost every lever of power in this country (stand by, the supreme court will be the finishing touch). Once the supreme court has been stacked with Harper sympathizers, folks, you'd better have a fast grasp on what that means. No dissent in parliament. No dissent in the senate. No unfavourable rulings from the SCOC. Total, complete, unchecked power.

     The Stephen Harper Tea Party wants you to give up. They want you to believe there is absolutely nothing you can do. To many it may seem this is the awful truth. It would be a lot easier to just throw in the towel and submit to the dismantling of the nation we knew as Canada. If you can truly look south at the USA and honestly tell me that is the model we should be following, by all means, feel free to give up and do nothing at all.

     So, you ask, what the hell can we do? The answer is simple, yet very complex. The solution requires you actually do something other than complain about the horrors being visited upon us by this small minded man who wishes to remake this country in the image of America. The most polarized, indebted, mess of the global community. He loves it, wants to emulate it, and in his own words you can see he believes even they don't go far enough. If you didn't know Stephen Harper was a dangerous man, please take my word for it right now.

     Life can be funny. Lessons can be learned in the strangest ways. The biggest lesson I learned recently was from a little girl I don't even know. You may be familiar with her, a young lady by the name of Brigette LePape. A woman who realized, at her tender age, the seriousness of what faces the majority of Canadians right now. A woman who, knowing full well she could be putting herself in danger, knowing she would lose her job, and no doubt intelligent enough to realize today's Canadian media would villify, degrade, and otherwise malign her in every way possible (all of which came to pass I may add), stood in silent protest, peaceful protest, in a very visible place where her message could not possibly be ignored.

     The message I took from Brigette? Remember the teachings of Mahatma Ghandi.

     The one thing the media conveniently ignored, that not even a single supporter mentioned, is that by doing what she did, Brigette LePape became Ghandi for the majority of Canadians who will suffer under a corrupt and oppressive ruler.

     No matter what kind of slanderous, violent oppression he faced, Ghandi taught his supporters that civil disobedience without inciting violence and turning the other cheek when attacked, by not responding to the violence of the oppressors, it became 100% clear who the bad guys are. After all, if police and troops are sent in to remove silent protesters engaged in acts of civil disobedience, when they choose to use force, there is no doubt in the eyes of the world who is in the wrong.

     Whether you like the idea or not, the only way to fight against the people in power today will be by engaging in organized acts of civil disobedience. I don't condone violence, I don't encourage anyone to engage in violent acts against persons or property at any time. Nothing destructive is ever constructive. It is very important to take the lesson of Brigette LePape and her "Stop Harper" sign and ensure if you don't know much about Mahatma Ghandi (whom I refer to as the father of peaceful protest) you'd best do a bit of reading and be prepared to show the courage of your convictions.

     People who oppose the Americanization of Canada must take heed. The longer we wait to get organized the deeper in trouble we will be. We can't afford to wait out the mandate of the current mafia, the stakes are too high. We can't just sit around and complain, we must gather our strength so the world can see we do not support this government or their policies. We cannot allow this evil little man and his ilk totally destroy the reputation of this country. For your children, and their children, we have a duty. That duty is to use all possible peaceful means to Stop Stephen Harper.

     It's not too late. YET.

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