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Sunday, 4 December 2011

It's about the people, stupid.

What began as the self-immolation of a young man who could no longer tolerate injustice turned into a mass revolution we call (because we're robotic twits and need catchy names for shit) "The Arab Spring"

What began of massive, unprecedented greed and collusion, almost destroyed the US economy, and so badly disabled the rest of the financial world, turned into a mass revolution we call "Occupy Wall Street" or "Occupy" in all its various incarnations.

OWS spawned worldwide action. We are now aware, more than ever, there are many of us, globally, with a common cause. The shenanigans of the international financial industry, more and more details of the ever increasing gulf between rich and poor, governments who have forsaken the people for the sake of protecting corporations at any cost. The overwhelming feeling is if we do not take this momentum and take concrete action we will have lost not just an opportunity to change history, but perhaps all opportunity to save the planet for our descendants.

It's about the people, stupid. It's all about the human race. It's about people starving to death, about people without even the dignity of clean water. It's about over 1,000,000 proud Americans having their homes taken away by banks that have been bailed out with their tax dollars who continue to pay multimillion dollar bonuses on top of lavish salaries and perks. It's about politicians and leaders of countries who put in place policies that give big business and the people who can most afford it big tax breaks while blaming their money problems on the everyday citizen. We pay too much for education, for health care, for the elderly, in fact, any program aimed at helping people is fair game since it all can be portrayed as "socialists" and "forcing everyone to pay for the bums" and "giving everyone a handout", etc.

Funny we can continue to reduce taxes for big corporations. Of course, we continually get the overtold lie that low taxes for these people mean more jobs, more than making up the lost revenue from the taxes on payroll and spending of all this money. Last year in Canada and the US, large corporations pocketed over 2 trillion dollars in tax breaks, according to reliable estimates. They didn't spend it on upgrading equipment and facilities, creating new jobs, research and development or anything else that would help the economy as a whole. They didn't even bother to share the massive windfall with the people who do the work that earned them all that money, the paid lots of fabulous bonuses, bumped up dividends enough to keep shareholders interested and stashed the rest. You might think they are putting some away for a rainy day, say the economy takes a bad turn so maybe they can at least save the jobs we currently have, but you'd be thinking wrong. If the economy has a downturn, companies don't do stimulus, they shed tens of thousands of everyday john/jane doe types to maintain their standing in the stock market.

It's about the people, stupid. Too many of us now realize the tipping point has passed. Even if you did everything you could to cut off the worldwide flow of information, what we already know is enough to realize that history has dictated to the ordinary people of the globe we must retake control of our world. That we must respect each others differences and work to live in peace and cooperation. We must change the way we run our affairs, both in a governmental and a personal sense. The vast majority of global citizens have no desire to kill one another and if it weren't for the vast minority of politicians and corporations who profit from fomenting hatred of others who are different, we could avail ourselves of a peace dividend that will make the end of the cold war look like the tip you leave when you only get mediocre service.

As I watch governments enact new legislation to oppress their own populations in the nations that feign the moral high ground to dictate human rights, and as I watch them either turn a blind eye, remain silent, or outright support the violent attack of peaceful protesters, I realize we have a global house cleaning we need to do. As soon as possible. These people have been chomping at the bit to go to war with Iran, probably under the guise of protecting our Israeli allies. There are people in very high places who know they've played such a shell game with the world economy for the profit of the few, that some big dominoes are about to tumble. Since we've intertwined the global economy the earthquake in one country causes aftershocks in others, some of the weaker others have their own earthquakes, larger, more far reaching ones. With the successful explosion of citizen uprisings worldwide, the elite realize they need the only out they have left. WAR.

I'm not talking your garden variety Iraq I&II/Afghanistan/Lybia deal. Those were designed to produce a generation of desert warfare leaders, and a generation of desert warfare fighters. I realize most people have no desire for war, but people do not make that decision. I will guarantee the entire scenario for World War Three is mapped out within the walls of the Pentagon. The plan has been in place for years. The plan is firmly in place for a far wider war. Global conflict for control of the majority of the remaining known fossil fuels.

When too much shit starts hitting the fan (which is soon if you consider the rapid ramping up of incidents and problems with Iran diplomatically, the nuclear program our friends are clearly allowed to have), America will give Israel the green light to launch a pre-emptive strike on the "troublesome" Iranian nuclear facilities. When someone attacks your country you retaliate or capitulate. I don't for a second believe Iran will capitulate.

Now America/Canada/UK will act immediately to defend Israel from "those who would destroy her". Then they bully NATO about promises to protect the Jewish homeland establish by the United Nations, etc. China and Russia are sabre rattling, with China warning an attack on Iran could result in a Third Word War. Should this be the result, pretty much everyone will be forced to choose sides. Conscription will be the order of the day. Young people will no longer be unemployed, however, we know all governments realize escalation to nuclear is a no win situation, those are more to keep domestic populations in line. No, all counties are still willing to send our restless youth to kill and maim one another over "principles". Older people unfit to fight will once again be forced to make the tools of war, their minds now fully consumed with the hope their children and grandchildren might come home. Once they can involve China and Russia it will become a patriotic war to protect our way of life from repressive regimes who support those who not only export terror around the globe but have sworn to destroy those we have sworn to defend.

This is the ultimate answer to economic collapse and the awakening of the populace. It's corporate-ideology driven bullshit. Many powerful people believe we can win, or at least break even. Don't for a second believe this is not very high on the table and gaining steam. Many millions of lives will be lost, after which the job of rebuilding will continue to provide the smokescreen politicians and corporations need to retain and improve their position.

Our local occupy movements must become a real political force. We cannot allow ourselves to be co-opted by any existing party in any country. We need independent people dedicated to returning government to the people. Our number one priority must be political reform, substantially so, and let no one fool you, none are prepared to deliver the kind of reform that will bite the hand that feeds them.

This isn't about left and right. It's about right and wrong.

Are YOU ready to take the step? Take the time to comment below, discussion is open to all.

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