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Monday, 10 June 2013

#ElectionFraud ~ Judicial Inquiry A Must

     I'm suffering a range of emotions right now. Unfortunately, they are all very bad.

     Now I am compelled, once again to take to this outpost, my blog, and discuss a subject, I feel, must be shared and discussed by everyone.

     Of course, I am talking about election fraud. As far as I am concerned, This is the number one issue that should be the main course on the plate of every right-thinking Canadian from coast to coast.

     While the Soup-du-Jour may be Senators at the trough, questionable payments, the involvement of the PMO, what the Prime Minister did or didn't know, alleged slush funds, and an endless parade of denials, conflicting explanations and likely outright lies, it is my sincere feeling if the Conservative Party of Canada feels this is being properly investigated, by all means, let us give them the opportunity to cooperate with any investigation, and when we get the results, let us make our decision whether we feel the findings answer our questions or if we must demand more.

     The reason I believe this is the proper position to take is because it doesn't abandon Canadians' desire to get to the answers about the entire Senate affair, it just moves it down a notch on the list, it uses the government's last opportunity to reveal all about what has happened, and allows every Canadian citizen and every politician of every stripe to concentrate on the most important issue Canada has ever faced.

     At this point in our history, we require an answer to the most fundamental question Canadian, North American, and even Western Democracy has ever faced:

     In 2011, did Canada have an election or suffer a bloodless coup?

     If you haven't been paying attention to politics (which is baffling to me since these are the people who write the laws that govern everything you do in your pseudo-free life), you can find plenty of information online regarding irregularities during the election of 2011. Most who have read my posts in the past know I make it clear I am not here to do research for you, I am not asking you to take my word for anything, only that your read what I say, approach it with an open mind, look into it yourself from as many sources as possible, and come to your own conclusions. I am merely here to give you something I strongly believe you should devote some time and thought to.

I am not here to assign blame to anyone. I am not going to say this is an evil plot hatched solely by one man to do evil. You'll be disappointed if that's what you are looking for. As always, my comments will remain open and I encourage dialogue here, don't be shy.

     We now know Elections Canada was in receipt of many complaints from the majority of ridings across Canada regarding calls trying to direct people away from their legitimate polls. It is also on record they informed Arthur Hamilton, lawyer for the Conservative Party of these complaints, prior to election day.

     It has been demonstrated, most notably in the Penashue case, and cases dating back to previous elections, the Conservatives have a great deal of difficulty in complying with the spending laws as laid out in the election act. This is troubling as it is becoming a pattern of behavior over the course of their government from their first win in 2006. We have a plea bargain resulting in guilty verdicts for the "In and Out" scheme.
We have two sitting MP's Shelly Glover and James Bezan who, according to the head of Elections Canada, Marc Mayrand, should be suspended and prevented from voting on legislation by law. The response to this has been the supposedly neutral Speaker-of-the-House Andrew Scheer, concealing receipt of these letters from the House of Commons until the media found out, further refusing to table the contents on the record in the House, and unilaterally ruling he will not enforce the law while the MP's in question challenge the ruling in court, even though he does not possess the power to suspend the penalty prescribed by the law of the land.

     Many people are confused by the robocall label, and rightly so. Robocalls were just a part of the goings on in the election of 2011. I'm not talking about mistakes here and there. I'm telling you, you can find, with very simple web searches articles from many news media sources, interviews with professors and officials and experts of all sorts that point to a single fact.

     In the  41st General Election of Canada, in 2011, Widespread Election Fraud Occurred, perpetrated by a person or persons unknown at this time.

     I don't say this because it is solely my opinion. In fact, although it has been my suspicion since the first reports of fake Elections Canada calls that a serious crime had been committed against all of us, and indeed, against democracy itself. In over half a century here, I never dreamed this would happen in my country. I would have dreamed this impossible, yet here I am staring at a glaring reality I must open eyes to, and I feel we deserve complete, open, answers to, and that we enact whatever must be enacted to ensure that democracy prevails, where no underhanded interference is practiced by anyone, and when those who would try to subvert the only true right we have are made to pay for what they have done, for anyone in the future who would attempt to seize power illegally.

     I will be absolutely clear on my position. I do not know who is or isn't guilty. I am not pointing my finger at a specific individual, group of individuals, any particular political party or organization. I am convinced by a preponderance of the evidence there was widespread election fraud, carried out through a variety of methods and means, in the election of 2011, and that is a crime against the freedom and democracy our veterans fought and died for. I believe every Canadian of every political stripe deserves to have every answer that can be rooted out, so no party, no matter who any of us may favour, can engage in activites that even remotely call into question the integrity of the very foundation of our society. I do not have faith in Elections Canada to be able to carry out the massive investigation needed to reveal all the wrongdoings during the 41st general election. I do not trust, therefore I do not have faith in the RCMP in its current state to investigate and be open and honest with the citizens of Canada the extent of crimes that have allegedly been committed during the 2011 election. I believe Canadians can settle for nothing less that a full judicial inquiry into all of the questions surrounding the election, including, but not limited to: the extent of fraudulent activity used in an attempt to deter citizens from exercising their right to vote, or using tactics to make an opposing candidate appear to be doing irrational or annoying activites aimed at voters in their ridings later proven to be false. The overspending by any candidate, successful or otherwise. Any other type of fraudulent or criminal behaviour that indicates a high degree of suspicion of tampering of the sort that leaves questions in the mind of Canadians as to the validity of the sitting government and whether any legislation they have passed is valid. In order to make these determinations, only a highly trusted Judge or panel of Judges with full powers of subopena, the power to question anyone without any possibility of claims of immunity or national security or any other reason whatsoever, and the power to fully oversee and control anyone tasked with investigating any aspect of election 2011.

     This is the number one reason I will push this and fight this and use everything legally in my power to make sure democracy is upheld in this country.

     This is my father's grave. Dad was a tail gunner in bombers in the RAF during world war two. He trained in Moncton, NB, where he met his future wife, my mother, who waited many years for him to come back to Canada. Dad was shot down twice in the war, from what I know, once supporting the British 8th Army over Africa, and again over Paris where he ended up with his legs full of anti-aircraft shrapnel (some of which he'd kept, you could sill see the rifling on it). He recovered to fight to the end of the war, won the Distinguished Flying Cross among other medals honouring his service. He eventually Emigrated to Canada, married my mother, had 3 boys and was an investigative reporter and editor of several papers until he passed away. Long before he should have because he believed in the principles of freedom and democracy and was prepared to give his life for them.

     Before my dad died, due to complications of the long term effects of his leg injuries (He had become paraplegic and quite frequently suffered from severe ulcers on his legs), he was often required to go to the veteran's unit at the hospital for treatment. It was on those occasions I got to hear the stories of many veterans. Some of whom were there occasionally, others who were there every time we went, those who would never leave alive. I also met several of my dad's friends, including a machine gunner who had some great medals, but no legs because an artillery shell landed between them. That man seemed cool to a little kid because he didn't use a wheelchair. He hopped out of a car on his hands and made his way into our home. I also had all of my uncles who fought the fascist domination of the world, and for what they believed was going to mean no one would need to die to defend our undying belief in freedom and democratic rule. I remember my dad's very good friend Max. I was young, I knew Max was some kind of important man, I had no idea dad's close friend and ally was no less than Max Aitken, known to history as Lord Beaverbrook and aside from being one of Churchill's closest people, he was a key to defeating Hitler himself.

     None of those mentioned above, nor do I, personally believe any allied soldier or all the citizens at home who made so many sacrifices, would have fought, worked, been damaged, lost family members, lost friends, or died fighting Adolf Hitler and Mussolini and their Fascism, or Hirohito's Imperialism, if they had believed their children and grandchild would be faced with questioning whether the democracy we owe to their bravery had been undermined enough to put in question whether the government in power won by honest means or if they used illegal methods to gain legislative power in the country. The exact same thing happened in the countries our relatives put their lives on the line to stop at all costs.

     I don't care what political party you support. If one party can do it, all parties can do it. Cheating may run rampant in games of all sorts, but democracy is not a game, it is the very cradle of the laws that govern the laws of all citizens. We cannot allow anyone, of any party, group, or organization of any sort to fix or even attempt to unduly influence the outcome of a democratic election.

     I could have written on this subject long ago, after all, there were various public court records, none of which inspired confidence the chance of election tampering was little more than a tempest in a teapot.

     I was still willing to wait this one out. It wasn't difficult to suspect there were some very different things about the conduct of the election, but it was also clear ever more mountainous obstacles were being dropped in front of the Elections Canada investigation as it plodded along, underfunded, seemingly frustrated and overwhelmed.

For me, and I believe, for you as well, everything changed and took at turn for the critically serious on the 23rd of May, 2013. On that date, The Honourable Mr. Justice Mosley of the Federal Court of Canada issued his 99 page ruling in a case regarding election fraud in a number of ridings in Canada during the 2011 election.

     I have read the entire judgement from front to back no less than 6 times since it was issued. I've also reviewed the final conclusions the judge makes carefully, thoroughly, and reached out to those with various legal expertise to ensure my opinions have some factual weight to them.

     I won't ask you to take my word for it, or even take my side in it. I will ask you to refer to the complete Federal Court ruling by clicking on this link to the PDF from the court website

     If you'd prefer to get past the summation of the case, and to just go to the findings made by Mr Justice Mosley, it begins by reading section V. the findings in the case

     No amount of money is bigger than a Canadian democratic election being run in such manner as to make a bloodless coup possible. Please consider what I present. Tell me we don't deserve answers, Tell me you are willing to allow widespread cheating without the guilty parties paying a serious price.

     Click on this link to take you to a contact list for all of Canada's MP's and Senators. Please write to any and all of them demanding a full judicial inquiry into the validity of the 2011 election. If you see an MP or leader tweet something please ask them to demand a judicial inquiry into election fraud.

     Duffy, Wallin, the Senate, the PMO, that can all get in line, after all, we need to find out if anything since 2011 has been legal.

     Demand answers. Spread this widely. Get the word out daily. Nothing is important as democracy itself.
Join me as I fight for our right to freely choose those who would rule us.

     Please feel free to comment. Join me in my fight. Ask questions. Agree. Disagree. Please get people talking and thinking about this today.


  1. It's clear that there was a deliberate effort to subvert the electoral process, and while I don't believe that it made much difference in this particular instance, I would hope that this will serve as a wake up call to ensure that measures are put in place so that no one can ever tamper with the system to the point where the outcome can be substantively affected.

  2. So well said and I couldn't agree more. I have been talking about election fraud in my community since election fraud became public. I feel sure that this fraud did affect the outcome of the election which was won by a small number of votes nationwide. And it has meant that the party with the power has had the power to hide and downplay and obstruct any meaningful investigation. Furthermore, the federal government is long overdue in tabling legislation to prevent election fraud from happening again. But even without it, it has been established that election fraud happened and attempting to suppress the vote, successfully or not, is a crime. We need an inquiry akin to the publicly televised hearings into the Watergate scandal. And we need charges to be laid so that it will never happen again. People who care about Canada need to keep on talking about it until we get action to protect our electoral process.

  3. As you correctly point out, election fraud is a defining criterion of fascism against which my aunts and uncles, my mother, and my father all fought. Like your Dad, I emigrated to Canada. I was proud of Canada's international role as a peacekeeper and as an overseer of elections in other countries where democracy was fragile. Now I feel utterly embarrassed, disgraced and disgusted by electoral fraud in my own country. And if prime minister Harper thinks he's containing the scandal, he is wrong. People know about Canada's moral and ethical decline all over the world. The sooner we get to the bottom of this fraud, punish those found guilty, and pass remedial legislation to prevent another occurrence, the better for citizens, for Canada and for the world in which we were once an example of democratic freedom to be admired.