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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Is Canada Ruled by a Government? Or a Criminal Organization? Read It & Think.


                 Admittedly, the amount of time it took me to complete this blog post extended far beyond what I originally estimated. In my mind this was a cakewalk, and I was very wrong. Since it is just a blog post, I generally do not do the kind of in-depth research one would do when writing a magazine or newspaper article. I hadn't quite anticipated how difficult it is to research and separate the actual crimes and criminals associated with the Conservative Party of Canada from all of the things people post they call "Crimes of Harper" that are just extremely bad, nasty legislation, but, under our questionable system of democracy, quite legal unless and until we either vote these people out of our lives, or they are found to be illegitimate to hold office. In this post I will only deal with actual crimes legitimately tied to the Conservative Party of Canada, and those who are known participants in these crimes, those connected to the party who have been convicted of crimes, and others attached to incidents that could be alleged to constitute an actual crime. I will by no means provide you with the definitive list of either crimes or criminal associates, I believe we should demand the RCMP dig very deep and expose the "most heinous" crime ever perpetrated in our history. The fraudulent takeover of a sovereign government by a criminal organization. Canada's Bloodless Coup. You are welcome to add in the comment section, keep in mind we are ONLY interested in proven, committed crimes, alleged actions that could conceivably be prosecuted under the criminal code or other statute of Parliament, and remember if no one has faced the charge suggested, it can only be alleged, proof is proof. The other thing you can add is people associated with the Conservative Party of Canada who have had a part in any crime committed by the party, or who have a criminal past that would include serious charges. Another category you may add in comments would be companies who have done business with the Government of Canada who have been convicted of some serious crime. As always please provide links.

Part 1: Historical Background

               Keep in mind this entire post, while based on what I feel is considered and considerable research, remains the opinion of one man. You have the choice to read what I say, and please do consider it carefully as it is a weighty issue. I have no legal background, I am not now nor have I ever been a law enforcement officer, lawyer, prosecutor or judge. I am a Canadian citizen, very concerned my country is in grave danger. What I am writing is just one serious problem we face, but serious enough I believe it's something every thinking Canadian should consider. You are free to leave general comments with your thoughts at the end, I encourage discussion both for and against, but I do insist you not be abusive to anyone. Bring your thoughts and please try to keep them based on fact. Thanks.

Part 2: What The Criminal Code of Canada Says

               Believe it or not, one does NOT have to be Conservative to believe in law and order. As a general rule, everyone can find one or more laws we do not agree with while still having the expectation of life in a lawful society. In Canada, we are a country of laws, and the overwhelming majority of Canadians are law abiding people, who live among urban or rural societies where, for the most part, the law is respected. Police are respected as a local/Provincial/National authority, charged with investigating crimes, gathering evidence, and if the evidence weighs heavily enough, it must be presented to the Crown, our lawful authority in Canada. Generally this is what citizens expect when they happily submit a portion of their taxes to fund our police forces to serve and protect.

               Once the Police submit evidence to the Crown, a member of the Queen's Council, a Crown Prosecutor is assigned and that person's job is to review the totality of the evidence and make the weighty decision as to whether the evidence merits going forward with charges. If the Crown Prosecutor feels she/he has enough evidence to successfully prosecute (i.e. a good chance of obtaining a conviction), they will lay the appropriate charge(s) against the appropriate individual(s) and/or entity/entities.

               This is only a simple explanation in laymen's terms, please don't attack me for not giving a full history of how the legal system works, I am attempting to get to an important topic for Canadians to think about and discuss.

               Once charges are laid, it is the expectation of the public there will be a public trial, which, through personal attendance or as reported by media, we will be informed of the progress and outcome of the trial and any appeals by either party or parties afterward.

               This, in summary, is how our system is supposed to work. In most cases, very serious, honest, earnest police, lawyers, and judges follow this process and do their job to the fullest. Most of those in our justice system are serious about justice, and I think we can be thankful for that. We don't have a perfect system, far from it, but it serves most of society in a manner we find acceptable, and one we can try to change, to improve, if we have concerns.

               As you can tell from the title of this op/ed, I have concerns. I assure you, I am not joking or being in any way sarcastic in any of what is going to follow from here.

               It is my very strong personal belief the RCMP is derelict in their duty to protect Canadians from the most serious crime ever committed in this county. The takeover of government by a criminal organization, the Conservative Party of Canada. This Organization is in contravention of Section 467.11 of the Criminal Code of Canada, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-46. Below you may read the law as it is written. Following that I will submit to you evidence I believe should be the basis of a criminal investigation immediately. When you finish reading, you are free to reach your own conclusions. I personally want action from the RCMP on this very serious manner.

Please Note: When finished this post, come back to this and replace the highlighted with CPC

Part 3: Why the Tingley Family but Not the Harper Government?

               By chance of where I live, I have actually seen the RCMP and the Crown use the law above. Keep in mind, my comments are my personal thoughts, although I will allow you to link to news reports that point to many aspects of what I am discussing. You will either agree, disagree, and meet me somewhere in the middle, but seriously, we need to talk.

               Salisbury, and by extension, Middlesex, NB is easily less than half an hour by car from where I currently live, and relatively the same from where I lived in 2008, when the RCMP accused the Tingley family of many crimes, including: Being part of an organized crime group (as per the law above), conspiracy to traffic in cocaine and other drugs, and weapons and  firearms offences. Middlesex is a rural area, a name on the map, but in no way could you describe it as a community. Call it a spot in the woods, recognized by map makers. One time, long ago, it may have aspired to becoe a community, but luck of the draw made Moncton, NB and it's sisters Dieppe and Riverview the major community in these parts, where courts of law grind through the unspectacular, for the most part, until that rare moment when 130 RCMP officers from detachments far and wide, descend on a sleepy New Brunswick town called Salisbury and raid the Tingley family homes. Believe me, while no one flinches at Organized Crime in Montreal, the idea there is a crime family (according to the RCMP and the Crown of Canada) in Salisbury is HUGE NEWS. TV - Radio - Print - Rumour - Gossip - 50 Shades of truth - the whole freakin' enchilada baby. This isn't Toronto or New York. We're a region of around a quarter million folks make their home, work and life, spread out, for the most part, in a wide area of small towns and sleepy villages, nondescript clumps of homes, cuddling the local gas station, and when you pass you're in the company of trees. Thousands of square kilometres of trees, and your average Moose, Deer, Bears, Foxes, Porcupines and other members of the animal community. If you live in New Brunswick you know the news is produced in the major centres, generally the closest one, in this case, it became National News. Explosive allegations of organized crime where you'd least expect it. The RCMP, cleaning up a clear and present danger. Sexy story, even sexier charges.

               I followed this case closely. Many did. It was sensational. Omnipresent. There was a lot of discussion. Admittedly a lot of people knew or knew of one or more of the Tingley family (8 were arrested in connection with the massive RCMP operation.), especially notable would be an ongoing family feud with a former business partner in the small town. Everyone had an opinion, most judged the family as being guilty as charged based on reputation rather than fact. Knowing the things I know, and from many people I know who know or know of the Tingley family, I found it more than just a little over the top when the news broke they were a sophisticated Organized crime family. In reality, the Tingleys were a long time rural clan, perhaps dabbling in things they shouldn't (to be completely above board they would best be described as small time hoodlums). You can read the summation done by Macleans magazine here. 

               Never has it been my interest to talk about things I know nothing about. I avidly research. I read everything voraciously. I ask experts about topics I'm unclear on. That's what I do. To some, I'm kind of an oddball because I store a vast knowledge of many things. My curiousity is never ending. No subject is "too stupid" or "too boring" or any other excuse people use to close their minds. I prefer to open mine to any tidbit of knowledge, especially if something piques my interest, which, often, it does. Lifelong learner is a badge of honour for me.

               I remember being particularly interested in the Tingley case, because when that particular law was passed it was very controversial. When I was able to actually see it in action, I went to the Criminal Code of Canada and downloaded the act they were using to charge them.

               As time passed, something kept nagging at me. I knew the Tingley Family wasn't organized crime, but I began to suspect this act could be applied to someone else. That someone was Stephen Joseph Harper, who, when the evidence we already have is considered, clearly is the boss of a continuing criminal enterprise, aka the Conservative Party of Canada, including all its past and present directors, employees and MP's who have enabled this mafia to continue their massive crime spree against Canadians.

               Before you write this off as me having a hate on for them (which, admittedly I do, they've possibly destroyed Canada for my lifetime and no less than my daughter's lifetime, possibly even her daughter's lifetime or more) read the statute, consider the evidence I will put forth as a mere lay person. Consider the Government of Canada and the RCMP spent untold millions of dollars to investigate and unsuccessfully prosecute a small town, small time family, who, admittedly dabbled in drugs and various petty crimes, mere rednecks really, as an Organized Crime family. Since the prosecution declined to offer any evidence at their trial, and the only dead body in this story is one of the Tingley brothers, who, those who know him insist, died from the stress of having his life destroyed, I conclude they aren't organized crime. This has me asking: If the RCMP can commit these kind of resources to investigate the Tingley family, why are they not investigating the Conservative Party of Canada as Organized Crime? With each passing day, I am convinced this investigation must happen. I don't have authority or resources to put this together. When you read what I lay out below, ask there enough evidence to launch a thorough police investigation and move forward with charges if a preponderance of the evidence shows it to be probable they are, in fact, a criminal organization hiding in the guise of the Government of Canada.

               Let me be perfectly clear: I am not judging and I do not want anyone to judge. I just want everyone to read, consider, and if you believe, as I do, there is enough evidence already in the public domain to warrant a complete, thorough RCMP investigation, every bit as intense as the one when they went after that sleepy-town family during the reign of the current administration, then it's time Canadians demand that investigation. In the words of Stephen Harper himself: "We won't take no for an answer".

Part 4: Enough Evidence to Launch an Investigation? Why Not?

               When I look, I can see a pattern that I would very much believe fits the definition of what any sensible person would believe is organized crime. It isn't just a series of disconnected mistakes. These things are not "oopsies" and they certainly are nothing that can or should be remedied by a simple "I'm sorry" or apology of any sort. I have never been more serious, nor have I ever leveled a more serious allegation at anyone, anytime, ever in my life. I do not take this lightly. The known evidence is bad enough and there will be no reason to suspect much more is both already out in the open, and a great deal we haven't heard of, nor dreamed of, yet.

Part 4(a) Crimes,  & Alleged Criminal Activities

               I'll only begin with the first election that brought Harper to the position of Prime Minister of Canada. Crime prior to that and after the creation of the Conservative Party of Canada could also be considered.

               Just so I can get this post out there, I am not going to link to the crimes or the players, I encourage you to look any of them up. They are all a matter of public record and can usually be found immediately with a quick Google search.

               I also urge you to ask yourself, even if our current laws do not have harsh punishments for those who cheat in elections, wouldn't you consider crimes committed against democracy, the supposed underpinning of our "civilized society", a little more serious that an offense one could pay a fine for? In my opinion, the truth is, cheating democracy is subversive.

A List to Start the Conversation (No Particular Order)

               Keeping in mind while some of these have been prosecuted, or we have been told there was an investigation, we're looking at the totality here, the large picture of a continuing pattern of crimes committed, crimes suspected, and known criminal associates,

               So we begin with the (in)famous "In and Out" crime. Engineered and run, by public knowledge, by conservative party "operatives" Irving Gerstein & Doug Finlay (now deceased husband of loyal Harper Cabinet Minister Diane Finlay (keep her name in mind, it comes to play eventually), This scheme illegally funneled money through a false accounting scheme that made it appear as though the money was being deposited to local riding associations when no money was actually given to them, it was kept in a national warchest and used to heavily advertise in the last days leading up to the 2006 election. This is cheating democracy. This isn't an administrative error, this is the beginning of their complex schemes to gain control of a country. If you don't quite understand in and out, think of it as going to 100's of bank machines and making fake deposits by putting empty envelopes in the machine, then withdrawing money and spending it. They did that, on a massive scale. When it was clear Gerstein & Finlay were caught, the Conservative Party of Canada showed great honour and took a plea bargain, paying just over $100,000 total for two counts of whatever marshmallow law that allows you to cheat citizens, pay a fine, and appoint the criminal masterminds of said crimes to the Senate of Canada. That, apparently is the punishment for subverting a nation, a job for life in the posh Senate.

               Next I want to allege there is something wrong when the RCMP claim to have investiged the Cadman Affair and absolutely nothing was criminal about offering a dying man a $1,000,000.00 insurance policy in exchange for his vote in the House of Commons (Yeah, the place where they make our laws). This much is clear: The Conservative Party of Canada dispatched two "operatives" (to the best of anyone's knowledge, it was widely rumoured to be Doug (In & Out) Finlay and Tom Flanagan.) who offered dying MP Chuck Cadman a Million Dollar life insurance policy in return for him voting against a Liberal Government budget so the government of the time would fall. Cadman refused and voted to support the Liberal budget. This sure doesn't differ much from "Yo Vinny, you do this for us and we'll take care of your family" we've seen in so many mafia-themed movies and books.

               Since we are on the subject of cheating democracy, we could move forward to the 2008 election (Remember that? The election that broke Stephen Harper's fixed election date law but never mind that little subversion) where we have the now convicted former Parliamentary Secretay to the Prime Minister of Canada, our lying, crying, reality-rejecting poster boy, Dean Del Mastro. Yes folks, old Deaner overspent in his bid for reelection then attempted to cover it up with falsified documents. Now his old friends and supporters would refer to him as Disgraced former MP Dean Del Mastro.

               Let us not discriminate. Election 2011 brought us Cabinet Minister Peter Penashue, who resigned in disgrace for what?? Overspending?? Where have we heard that before? Why, we've heard it in every election the Conservative Party of Canada has ever won. Hmmmm. Of course the conservatives find ways to shrug this off as administrative differences, but how often and how many "administrative differences" can you have? Let us also ask MP's Shelley Glover, James Bezan and Jeff Watson, all accused of overspending and failing to file amended expense reports. The coincidences abound. Those are just the ones I know of.

               We cannot speak of election fraud without questions about the 50 million pound gorilla on our front room couch, Robocalls. Again, cheating democracy has delivered another Conservative Party of Canada "operative" Michael Sona with a conviction in criminal court. If there's one thing we can see about these people, they certainly have convictions.

               More disturbing when we discuss the Robocall affair, was an unsuccessful attempt in Federal Court to launch a private prosecution on behalf of a number of citizens who felt a crime had been committed against them by directing them to phony polling places with fake calls identifying Elections Canada as the caller. While ultimately the case was dismissed, the judge said a number of chilling things in his decision, you will find his conclusions beginning on page 87. If you aren't concerned about a Federal judge being convinced widespread fraud was perpetrated upon citizens across the country. This also requires highly trained professionals to investigate,

               Again, these crimes and alleged crimes are in no particular order, but you will see through the post, themes recur. Let's discuss what I consider are crimes committed by the boss himself, in case you're thinking he's squeaky clean and unaware he is surrounded by, and has surrounded himself with a pack of criminals. He has no halo to polish. On at least 3 occasions, I allege Stephen Joseph Harper has committed fraud. He is unquestionably guilty of fraudulently appointing to the Senate of Canada in a designated seat for the Province of New Brunswick, his long time, loyal employee Carolyn Stewart-Olsen. She assumed office on August 27, 2009 even though she had worked for the Reform party in Ottawa from 1993 to 2000, then for Reform MP Deborah Gray, then personally for Harper from 2002 until she took her seat in the Senate. Prior to working for the Reform Party and the Conservative Party of Canada she was Head of the Ambulatory Care Unit at Ottawa's Grace Hospital beginning in 1986, later becoming Nursing Manager for Emergency, Ambulatory Care, Recovery Room and CSR at Carlton Place Hospital, also in Ottawa. Prior to moving to Ottawa, she was an Emergency room nurse in the Province of Quebec. The fraud here is that it's clear Stephen Harper knew without a doubt she was NOT a resident of New Brunswick and, in fact, had not been for a quarter century or more, working at his side personally for 7 years before taking her fraudulent seat in the Senate. Unlike the next characters we'll look at, this one has not been charged or seemingly investigated by RCMP, but has already admitted wrongdoing by fraudulently claiming living expenses she wasn't entitled to. This is secondary to the crime of her sitting in a Senate seat she is not entitled to, from which she has not been suspended or removed.

               Goodness gracious it seems Stephen Harper has a total disregard for the law concerning where a prospective Senator actually lives as opposed to where the Senate seat is he decides to appoint them to. When it comes to his appointing people, questionable character is also a top consideration for a spot in Canada's "Chamber of Sober Second Thought". We had Hubert Pichet, ex-tory senate staffer. Fraud, breach of trust. Let us not forget Conservative Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu who, at best, misused taxpayers funds even after the "Ethics Commissioner" told him he could not continue to keep his girlfriend on his Senate payroll. His wife didn't seem to like it much, nor do I.

              As for more Harper Senate appointment crimes. He broke the law when he appointed Mike Duffy, well known to be a long-time Ottawa resident, as senator for PEI. A third illegal appointment is that of long time Toronto, Ontario resident Pamela Wallin as Senator from Saskatchewan. Canadians should be well aware that Duffy has been suspended from the Senate and is currently facing 31 criminal charges and Wallin, herself suspended from the Senate is under investigation by RCMP, who allege she has committed fraud and breach of trust. We also know Mr. Harper is responsible for the elevation of Canada's youngest Senator, Patrick Brazeau, a controversial figure from the start, double dipping by drawing 2 salaries. One from an Aboriginal group he represented, and the other from the Senate of Canada. Senator Brazeau was also suspended from Senate, and has alternately been sent to court-ordered rehab, or charged with various crimes. You can read his Wickipedia page here. Many Canadians will most famously remember the bloodied Brazeau, TKO'd by a young Liberal MP named Justin Trudeau in a bout for charity that was nevertheless considered a Conservative VS Liberal Battle with Fists. Whether or not the appointment of Mr Brazeau is also subject to questions of residency as has been intimated, we are unsure, but this continues 2 patterns. The Boss of the Conservative Party of Canada, Stephen Joseph Harper wantonly flaunts the law in the faces of citizens, fraudulently appointing to long-term, high-paying, important legislative jobs that are supposed to serve the interests of their entire region of the country (this is why Senators are supposed to live in the Province they occupy a seat for), people who are not residents of those provinces, and it is absolutely fact that Duffy, Wallin, and Stewart-Olsen were not, and had not, for a long period of time had their principal residences in Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, or New Brunswick respectively. Oddly enough, while Duffy has been charged, and Wallin is under RCMP investigation, Carolyn Stewart-Olsen seemingly does not face the same criminal justice system and the other senators accused of misappropriating public funds, she gets "Oopsie-Justice", wherein she admits she made a boo-boo, somehow confusing her long time home in Ottawa as being just another lovely spot in New Brunswick. Why, the moment that nice young man from the PMO explained that Ottawa was not a nice city in New Brunswick, it was in fact, the Capital of Canada and located in Ontario, which, stunningly is in another province, she promised to pay back some money and went right back to her job. Since the amount is over Sixty-Thousand Dollars I can't imagine how she does not suffer equal consequences to Duffy and Wallin and Brazeau (for now, the Auditor-General is looking at the expenses of all Senators). I find it difficult to go without mentioning Nigel "Good to go from the PM" Wright, The man acknowledged to have paid $90,000.00 to said Senator Duffy yet is not being charged with bribing a senator, which I read as the RCMP trying to position good old Nige as the victim of a bribe from Duffy. I don't want to continue with Wright at the moment, because, as with all things related to the Conservative Party of Canada, there is a pattern, and this name will come up again, in a bit.

              While we're at it, let's keep in mind this group doesn't like to keep documents. Harper lawyer Benjamin Perrin deleted all his emails, which isn't exactly legal or ethical, of course, since things don't just get deleted and disappear, they existed elsewhere on the system and were recovered, which clears how of any wrongdoing, just like no criminal goes to jail if he just gives back the stolen car, right? Also on the subject of documents, I cannot imagine how the Conservative Party of Canada is able to table fraudulent documents in Parliament (The place our laws are made) in case you need a refresher, it's here. Are actions like this things honest people trying to represent Canadians do? Or just more criminal behaviour patterns?

              If I were given a budget from my company to complete an important project and I took over half of it and gave it to my pal Tony to do renovations and add fancy outbuildings to his home, I would be arrested and charged with theft and fraud. Amazingly, Jim Flaherty had 81 Million dollars to help speed up Canadian border crossings which were suffering big backlogs. Jimmy gave his pal Tony Clement 50 million which he used to build Gazebos and Washrooms, put up signs and beautify the area. I don't see anyone in jail for misappropriating funds. Of course, the players just keep popping up repeatedly, like...I don't know...some kind of mafia or something. It's amazing. Here we have that name I said earlier would pop up again...Diane Finley. Perhaps this, and also this may not be crimes, per se, but it continues to suggest a pattern of corruption. Just look at good old "Oily Joe Oliver",  recently, he illegally sole sourced a contract for writing 2 speeches  to long time Conservative Party of Canada lawyer Guy Giorno. In my world, just these few things I've mentioned here should give an experienced investigator an inkling this government may be rife with corruption, practiced over years, and by more than just a single person.

              I'm sure you don't mind if the Conservative Party of Canada adds some insult to your injury. When they commit and & I evidenced here, here, and here. Don't think this is the only evidence you pay for their transgressions. Look how much they spend on legal bills fighting....well...fighting everything except their pals. Still sounds mafiosi to me.

              Before I complete this section I just want to touch on our so-called squeaky clean Conservative all-around good guy Nigel Wright. He is up to his ears in what I allege are corrupt practices, seemingly all at the behest of Stephen Joseph Harper, Capo de Tutti Capi of the family they call the Conservative Party of Canada. We have all of this disgusting mess from the Mike Duffy bribe, we have him interfering in the awarding of a contract to a Harper associate who was not qualified (Diane Finley mess), then meeting the same Diane Finley and Patrick Brazeau to see that approved funding was pulled from a project because the NDP won the riding, defeating a sitting conservative. Nigel didn't just stick to these things, he wasn't above strong-arming (another mob fave) when he pressured MP Mark Adler to settle in a lawsuit brought by Conservative Party of Canada fund raiser Nathan Jacobsen, a man extradited to the USA to face money laundering charges. Does anyone think that's the extent of all this?

Part 4(b) Convicts, Future Convicts, Criminal Associates, Etc.

              Just a quick rundown on some of the convicts, alleged criminals, and people contributing to this blight on the country once known as Canada, usurped by worse than a bad government, we've been taken over by a serious criminal cabal.

              In no particular order, all of these people are friends or associates or employees or affiliated with the Mafia Don Stephen Joseph Harper & the Conservative (Mafia) Party of Canada: Let's begin with "standing with the alleged pedophile, the drummer in his band, Phillip Nolan, facing charges of sexual interference with a minor, but Steve didn't know him, right? How about current Privy Council Officer Arthur Porter, currently in Panama awaiting extradition to Canada for allegedly stealing from a hospital of all things. Of course, Stephen felt this man, a big honcho at SNC Lavalin (what may just be the world's most corrupt company), was perfect to oversee CSIS. Obviously, giving away Canada's nuclear program and all its secrets to this company for chump change was a sweet thing for Steve. He's done tons of business with this corrupt company. Our man Harper also made 5 time fraud convict Bruce Carson his right hand man in the PMO. Should we try to forget the RCMP cleared this man for this job, where he could eyeball the highest classified documents in the land? Is it any wonder I believe they're corrupt? No one has ever answered for this, and poor Bruce got fired, just in time to commit more alleged crimes. I don't want to forget a man who pulled in lots of cash for the Conservatives, Nathan Jacobsen, who had to be extradited to the USA to face the music on...guess what? Money Laundering charges! Hmmmm. We have the two men who would have been found guilty of the In and Out scandal had the party not stepped in and took the rap in a plea bargain, Conservative "bagman" Irving Gerstein..and the now dead Doug Finley, who was also rumoured to be one of the two operatives who offered a bribe to dying Chuck Cadman. They got senate seats! Speaking of Senators, Brazeau, Wallin, Duffy, and I will not leave out the fraudulent Senator from New Brunswick (except she wasn't a resident here) Carolyn Stewart-Olsen who had to pay back well over 60 Thousand dollars for committing the same crime Duffy is charged for, except the RCMP seems to ignore this...they seem to ignore a lot. Other crooked Conservative Senators include Hubert Pichet and Pierre Hugues Boisvenu. Guy Giorno...a lawyer doesn't know he shouldn't accept taxpayer funds to write partisan speeches for Oily Joe Oliver, and who knows what other corrupt practices a lawyer attached to these despicable people would dream up or be involved in. Never forget "Gazebo" Tony Clement, misappropriating 50 million of your tax dollars to gussy up his riding at the expense of border crossings. There are proven election fraudsters (don't let our lax laws fool you, cheating democracy is among the worst crimes anyone can commit) like Dean Del Mastro, Peter Penashue, Michael Sona, and let us not forget Judge Vic Toews, now sitting on the bench in Manitoba, the province he was convicted in. Overspending is still election fraud, so I can't forget to list Shelley Glover (former POLICE officer!), James Bezan, and Jeff Watson. Don't you believe there are more? From a government (sic) that has been caught subverting democracy in every election they came to power in. Funny that. Don't forget Cabinet Ministers, such as Maxime Bernier who left classified documents in the apartment of a "girlfriend" with connections to the Hell's Angels (I trust them more than these crooks), then there's Bernard Valcourt, he'll keep an eye on things since he lost the other one in a drunk driving motorcycle accident in New Brunswick. Also, Diane Finley, who awarded a contract to someone her own department said did not qualify, and taking approved funding away from an innocent party because conservatives lost the riding...not sure what you call that, but I call that corruption. Last but not least is Tom Flanagan, rumoured to be the other party in the Cadman bribe.

              By no means do I believe any of what I am writing is an exhaustive list, in fact, everything I've written has come only from incidents I personally remember. I'm sure there are far more things I didn't think of, many we don't yet know about, others that have been covered up and a whole lot no one ever looked at in this light. All I can say is I allege the Conservative Party of Canada is a criminal organization ass defined by the Criminal Code of Canada and there is enough evidence in the public domain for the RCMP to launch a full and thorough investigation into these and any/all crimes committed by/for this Stephen Joseph Harper led Mafia.

              The question remains. Why the Tingley family, and why not The Conservative Party of Canada? Why indeed? Time to ask the RCMP.



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