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Sunday, 27 May 2012

13 Heroes

I consider my father, and millions like him, heroes. Dad was shot down twice in World War II, a winner of the distinguished flying cross. He managed to survive and win the war, but because of the injuries he sustained, the price he paid for the defense of freedom and democracy, 3 young boys were left to grow up without a dad, as were so many others, collateral damage of a battle like no other.

Globally, we now face the same battle. We are being run by the tyrants of greed. Their wholly owned governments are passing nearly identical oppressive laws in almost all "western-style" democracies.

I'm one single Canadian. Currently up in the middle of the night in my bed, with my laptop, about to introduce you to the launch of a new movement. I call it 13 Heroes.

13 Heroes is a movement of ordinary citizens of Canada who are appalled at a "so-called" budget bill that in 450 pages cuts the guts out of this country, with the ultimate exception of any business that wants to do business without oversight of environmental laws, no one to examine effects, decimating departments that protect the lives and health of citizens.

My father and all those other veterans did not fight and be injured and die to allow a questionably-elected government to destroy a century of cooperation and compromise in building a great, respected democratic nation.

13 Heroes is a movement to finally end the fascist reign of Stephen Harper once and for all.

In order to do this I am going to need 3 things. Number one, dedicated help. Number two, enthusiastic Canadians ready to bring us back from disgrace to respect in the eyes of the world. Number 3, money. Until I am able to set up not only a way to donate, but a transparent way of accounting for every cent will we receive and how it is dispersed, we are not asking for money.

We need people, as many as feel Harper has to go before he destroys the country. The weight of our people must be enough to create 13 Heroes. We need to make it imperative that 13 members of Stephen Harper's party commit and follow through on voting against the budget bill.

A loss on this bill requires a new election as a budget bill is always a confidence vote. 13 Heroes must be convinced to bring down this horribly wrong government before it is too late.

So I need you with me. I need you to contact me. I'll have a facebook page asap, and will set up a twitter account as well. Get me at my personal twitter account for now @bigpicguy

I need you. All we need are 13 heroes to save Canada. We can, we must do this. Let's get started, get me here or twitter or facebook but let's mobilize! NOW. Before we're too late.

13 Heroes. A lot less than they needed in my dads time.

Please be a part of history with me.


  1. We need 13 people who have already run for public office and won. People who hoped to make a difference for Canada when they decided to run for office. People who have sacrificed their time and energy, and asked sacrifices of family and friends to mount a successful campaign... AND when they got to Parliament found they they are to be nothing more than puppets for an established elite. We need 13 people who want to be remembered with gratitude as people of integrity, not with resentment as spineless opportunists riding on the coat-tails of others. One would hope that this is not a difficult task.

    1. Why would i have any grattitude for someone who over threw the government thats provided me with the best conditions of life i have every known? and left me to the Bigotry of the NDP and Liberal party?

      there is no integrity in being a traitor and beside's it's wrong to Vote against your party leader just ask Bob rea and Mulcaire if they're MP's should be allowed to Vote against the party.

  2. It's your opinion

  3. The people who hide their name never have a point to make. Shame. I'm not looking for people who are comfortable with the destruction of the country, rather, the many who want the real Canada back.

  4. So what makes your opinion the correct one and what makes you think you are right. We did have an elxn (but again those with their opinion who think they are right did not like the results) and gave the govt a mandate. According to the elxn, the majority think the govt is on the right track. The minority is the most vocal with all this social media. Canada is not falling apart. Get over it. Maybe the most vocal social media folks need to get out and vote next time; and not for parties like pot, commie and green parties either. That just splits your votes even further. If I gave you my name would you bully me like the folks on twitter?

    1. I am opposed to the "Budget Bill" because there are so many things being snuck through in it. I thought Harper was for "accountability" and "transparency". I have seen none of these traits with this government. This is not about whether or not I like Harper. This is about a very bad bill being pushed through. I did vote and will continue to vote. I am part of the majority who did not vote for Harper.

    2. You voted against harper according to canadian ellection law he has a legitamate government majority.

      "theres so much bat stuff being snuck in"

      I said earlier

      Even if this bill did any the horrible things you delussionally believe. If it's ok for the left to do thse kinds of things Harper has the majority to pass what ever changes to our rights. because the majority did not support your beloved left wing facist Chretien gov't and according to you that govenement did nothing wrong and supporting it's laws is not supporting a violation of my right's.


      Why are liberal and NDP MP's who vote against the party leader "fucking backstabbing a$$-****'s" as many liberal and NDP supporters rewfured to those who voted Yes on Bill C301 first reading but a conservitive who dares do the exact thing a so called "hero"? conservatives who Help this movement are anti democratic traitors not hero's there is no integrity in betraying those who supported you and who helped you get where you are if there was Bill C301 would if passed.

  5. Let me educate you my friend. There is no such thing as a correct opinion. The majority of Canadians did NOT vote for Stephen Harper's party, in fact, an overwhelming majority voted against it. You appear to have very little understanding of the damage contained within what is supposed to be a "budget" but is really a US style "budget" which forces all kinds of bad legislation on the population while the government claims the opposition wants to hold up a budget. Budgets do not change environmental laws, or any other laws for that matter, they are supposed to be a finance document.

    I have never missed voting in an election. I am not a Harper supporter, so I use fact rather than sandbox bullying tactics. If, however, one desires to pick a fight with me, I'm prepared to go there as well.

    I get called plenty of names and have tons of stupid comments directed my way on twitter. I have no problem, as a grown up, defending myself.

    Whether Harper supporters like it or not, we are not going to allow this country to be turned into tea party heaven. I prefer to do it by legal, non-violent means. If it has to be another way, I've come to the point I'm prepared to join that as well.

    This kind of fascist garbage is not what my ancestors fought and died for. You don't have to like it. You have a right to your own opinion.

    1. Let me educate you.

      the majority Didn't vote against harper.

      More people voted against the NDP then voted against harper.

      more people voted against the liberals then did harper.

      My grand father didn't DIE serving canada So the liberal party could violate my rights
      My great grand father's din't give life and limb In ww1 So the Liberal party could violate my rights.

      Your a shame on canada using the hallowed memory of such men for petty Complaints.

      I am asshamed to be from the same country as someone so violant and bogoted as to support violance to oppress those who disagree with him.

      i see your advocating violance against conservitive canadains?
      your Worse then Harper is. fascist hypocrite.

  6. There you go again. I guess the majorities of past govt's didn't count either because the majority of Canadians didn't vote for them. Did you ever think that those who fought and died didn't do it to support opinions like yours. Ask someone who fights today and find out. It just sounds like a lot of sour grapes on here and if we don't agree with you then to hell with us, right?

    1. Meredith Thompson27 May 2012 at 11:27

      Not everyone who opposes the direction of the Harper government is a "left-wing loser." Are you aware of the kind of treatment our wounded soldiers are receiving lately?

      Trevor Greene is a highly respected veteran. He has written a powerful opinion piece that might interest you.

    2. I'm sure you know that despite a majority of seats, the Conservative Party received less than 40% of the votes. Yes, I know that's how our voting system works and I personally favour it over proportional representation. But when you say "the majority think the government is on the right track" according to the election you are vastly simplifying the issue. MPs are supposed to represent everyone in their riding, not just those who voted for them. In some cases MPs (of all parties) Have their jobs because they got little more than 30% of the votes. Those MPs are now facing the single largest amendment to law in Canadian history and are not allowed to debate it in the committees set up for that purpose. Realize, it is all MPs - my own is Conservative and is on the Fisheries Committee. He cannot participate in debate on what are immense changes to the Fisheries Act, representing the people that voted for him, those that didn't, First Nations, and even fisheries organizations in our Riding. And most importantly, changes to that law and to all of the others, including throwing out the Environmental Assessment Act and replacing it with a new one, are not budget measures. The budget, simply, is the tool by which the people of Canada give the government permission to take money out of the treasury so Ministers can spend it on their programs. That's it - it is not a tool for writing and changing any legislation a government wishes to. That's what's so disgraceful about this. Stephen Harper even complained viciously about it when the Liberals tried to do it on a smaller scale. Canada's political heritage is Responsible Government - wielding power only to the extent the people of the country allow you to, and only so long as you have their support. This budget is the opposite. The 13 heroes are the Conservative MPs who remember what their job is, and have the courage to vote no to the budget - on the simple basis that the vast majority of it is not a budget at all. Stephen Harper can easily remove the non-financial elements of the budget and have them sent to the committees that exist for them. Then, he can have what's left, the financial portions, debated as a real budget and voted on. If it passes, fine, that's how our system works. But to proceed in this manner makes our elected Parliament meaningless and turns our government into an autocracy. If it takes 13 Conservative heroes to fight that, they have all the moral, financial, and intellectual support I for one can muster.

  7. I know what my family members died for. Not for this fascist. You have your opinion, that's ok. I have mine, it's you that has the problem with it. I know plenty of unhappy vets being treated like shit by this government so I suggest you don't speak for all of them either.

    It's your right not to agree with me, just as many others have the right to agree with me. I don't care one way or another if YOU are personally happy with what Harper is doing. That's your personal choice. You see, unlike a fascist I allow opposing opinions on my blog. That doesn't stop me from offering a reply.

    If you don't mind warrantless spying, more powers for America within our borders, the gutting of environmental laws and oversight, cheating in elections, and the many other sins of Harper, you certainly have that right. I will fight to preserve a free and democratic Canada as I see fit, whether you or Stephen Harper or God or Allah or Bhudda or whomever opposes me.

    1. I'll be reasonible if you will.

      what Assurence's do you have that my right's will be protected from the Rockefeller funded Gun control movement and will be able to ensure when i become a father I'll be able to exercise my section 27 rights?

      What do you plan to do to protect me from the facist liberal thug who threatened Violence against my family?

      15 years of nothing less then hate speech violation of 13 of the right's the right's my ancestors died in 2 wars for.

      Seriously If your not an enemy who will be worse then harper....

      Prove it.

      Also i'll see your claim of warrantless spying

      And raise you warrantless searches of every inch of my home to "ensure compliance" of a Deliberately vague law and contempt of Parliament by alan rock telling liberal committee members who protested such violations to STFU and send the bill back as The priminister wanted it.

      I am not your enemy As much as you hate me for nothing I am just doing the same thing you are. I am fighting to preserve the rights and freedoms that in the name Canada my ancestors died for.

      I don't know what i have done to make you hate me and my Ancestors so much i guess being differant is all it takes for you to hate a person

  8. Franke James offers a lot of information - have a look.
    Franke James » What is Harper Afraid Of?

  9. NOTICE this SECRET REPORT link half way through Franke's Debate comic. It is a report by Env Canada done last May, labelled Secret Report. Asessment of Oil Sands Impacts on humans, wildlife, air quality & water. Read it here.

  10. I am writing an open letter to Government backbenchers, which will hopefully be published in various media, so your 13 Heroes concept is perfect. If I may offer a suggestion? Those Canadians who have a non-CPC MP: write and ask your MP the best way to make sure our voices are heard. Your MP knows the ins and outs of Parliament Hill, and might be aware of attention-getters or people to write to that ordinary Canadians don't know.

  11. What a small number to make such an extraordinary difference & bring back the Canada we used to know, love and feel pride rather than shame. I honestly cringe when I hear or read someone stating #cpc 'Majority' - it's a 'FAUX' statement just like this 'FAUX' Government!! Wake up Canada, you need to see, before it is lost forever.

    Great Article Mark!!

    Ps - I wish I had a non-cpc MP - I receive the most dismissive and IMPERIOUS responses to my letters LOL

  12. I think:
    You want to start a campaign to get people onside - I didn't see your post as an invitation to debate your opinion. So IF you want to debate your opinions get another place to organize your campaign.

    Did the Brits let the Germans publish Nazi opinions when they gathered support for campaigns to defend Britain?

    No - there is no debate in a campaign to stop the Harper Government - let them pay for their own propaganda.

    So go ahead - delete the comments that intend to distract you from your mission - comments which will keep peolpe from signing up.

    Your idea is already well supported so be strong enough to keep your focus. Disagreeable opinions have nothing to do with running a political campaign.

    As you said - You are organizing a non violent campaign to find 13 hero's stop the "Harper" Reform Government. That's your message (no debate) we all have dead relatives supporting us. Time is of the essence - no time to debate the trolls.

  13. I don't even bother with trying to communicate with the Conservative MP here. She and her husband are quite comfortable when it comes to screwing Canada.

  14. I post under anonymous because I don't have a relevant account from the options listed below. @hofmann_eh is my twitter account.
    I too feel that Harper and co. are in the process of undermining all that is true Canadiana. He is patiently tactical in the implementation of bills etc. Methodical to the point of transparency. The Internet Surveillance Bill is an example of that. He wants to monitor sites such as this to put a plug on potential uprising against his government. This was a mis-step in his plans and opened a lot of eyes about what this government wants to acheive. Scary to say the least.
    I think we need to be more pro-active. Instead of protesting (99%, occupy movement etc.) We need to adopt a new Federal Parlaimentary Party that truly belongs to the people that vote/hire it in. Not to big business, unions, religious groups etc. One that only accepts the "99%" as donors to the party. Not corporations, not unions, just people that want change to suit them not the aforementioned. Now is the time to form this party. The youth, occupy, 99%, MIDDLE CLASS (what's left of it) are ready for sometimg tangible to vote for. There are no choices in government that offer a true voice for the people that hire it. Call it the NPPC Non-Partisan Party of Canada. I am not educated in political science, but I'm sure someone that is can take the idea and fly with it. There is more detail to this idea than I can write about here. I WANT CHANGE, I WANT FAIRNESS, I WANT MY CANADA BACK.

  15. I want fairness...

    I want equal protection and benifit of the law.

    I want i want the right to freedom of expression

    I want the right to liberty

    I want protection of my heritage 4 generations back even if the majority Wants to Exterminate it the same way Islam and homosexuality Are protected by law from a bigoted majority.

    I want my rights to longer be determined by how much the majority of MP's like me.


    I am ashamed of the Union whores in the NDP. CEP members at CGI made a huge sum of money through the long gun registry which is the only reason they supported it.

    and the liberals have an abysmal record.

    But i get bashed For mentioning this.

    BTW a year ago My family was threatend with sexualassault and other violant crimes by a known liberal supporter. the issue was there wasn't enough evidence to go on and the cops ignored it the internet survailance bill would of given the police the tools to put the bigoted thug who threatened to rape my little sister In jail she who was 23 years old at the time sufering from chonic illness and is a Cervical cancer survivor.

    So unless your going to protect me from the beliefs of that kinda thug... who whent so far as to break the law... and to leave me perminantly tramatised with PTSD... because i didn't agree with his political views... FUCK the 99% BS.

    I SOOOOOOO hope this fails cause I'd kill my self rather then suffer under a liberal or NDP gov't because to me they're WORSE then harper.

    1. I am sorry to hear of your ordeal. I can not imagine someone threatening sexual assault because of political leanings, but hey who am I to say. Meanwhile, I was not proposing a Liberal or NDP or PC or Green Party platform. I was proposing a new party that speaks and actually works for the people as well as corporations etc. A government that governs NOT in bed with the powers that produce only greed and unsustainability in all aspects of life beit environmental, health, seniors, youth and of course jobs. Unions would go bye bye and the government could create a larger labour review board comprised of citizens, government management and business. All greivances could be reviewed by this board. No need for unions in Canada or the western world anymore. Increased costs causedby unions for example the Public Service Employees Union etc. do not generate income, they consume income. The non-union taxpayer is stuck with the bill. It is unsustainable. Most people do not get annual wage increases but incurr the inflated costs of greed thru unions and corporations. It has to stop. Corporate greed is another issue to be ironed out so all can prosper from the wealth generated. Really, does someone really need to have $ billions of dollars to lead a comfy life? The more people prosper the better business fairs. If the people are happy, comfortable,healthy, secure etc. a large business would gladly share its wealth with a workforce like that. A happy employee is a productive employee. Lets all keep in mind, governments are HIRED by it's citizens. We are supposed to be the boss of the government NOT the corporations or unions.

    2. Greg, sorry for your troubles.

      I just want to say that the Government doesn't need to fall as a result of "13 Heroes" choosing not to support the budget. Yes, budget votes are confidence measures and if the government loses we'd likely have an election.

      But, all that's needed is 13 CPC MPs to tell Stephen Harper that they will not support the budget in a vote unless he removes the non-financial elements. Then it would be up to him to send the many, many proposed changes to laws to their committees and proceed with a true budget, or not.

      We do not need to sacrifice our democratic principles here.

    3. Democratic principals...

      Like Vote whipping private member's bills that End violations of privacy passed By a faux majority of 35% punishing Mp's who break ranks with the party to do the right thing?

      All i want are my Fundamental right's.

      It's funny for leftists to want Progressive conservatives to do what the liberal and NDP leader's forbid they're members from doing.

      Maybe clean up the left send any leftist to jail who Encourages fear and disdain of an identifiable group before you criticize Harper.

  16. This is what a recent Canadian Patriotic Vet and Hero had to say: NOTICE he is NOT some anonymous person claiming to be a vet.

  17. Is it just me... or is this a thinly vieled reference to the nazi's....


    first you deficate on my grand and great grand father's grave.
    Likemn me a nazi in an indirect round about way.
    State your willing ness to murder those who disagree with you.

    Godwins law.

  18. Greg, all I can do for you is suggest you talk to a mental health professional. Your rambling about me wanting to kill people, etc. are rather odd to be nice about it.

    Now I am willing to allow you to continue to post your comments, but I'd suggest you are really doing nothing to help any kind of argument you may have regarding a movement that is about democracy, not murder or whatever it is you think this is about.

    This post is about voting in the House of Commons. If I had any desire to kill anyone, I certainly wouldn't be announcing it to the world.

    I sincerely hope you can get some help with your delusional thinking. Psychosis is treatable with the proper medication and follow up.

    Good Luck.

    1. thanks for proving my accusation your worse then Harper more intolerant and more Afraid of reasonable debate.

      BTW do you have acopy of saul alinksys rules for cowards with no valid arguments i don't remember what # ignore the facts and personally ridicule your opponent is?

      you have no facts which is why you resorted to such cowardice.

      Knowing they're are Liberal and NDP supporters willing to break the law Like you are to Oppress Conservative voters...

      Makes me so glad the right honourable prime minister Steven Harper has a majority to protect me from radical Sociopathic extremist's like you. There is few worse fates i can think of then a government Supported by you mark.

      It's sad but... I'd likely get further convincing the west-bough baptists to support gay rights they're more tolerant reasonable and approachable.

  19. Sorry there, Greg, but I see no ridicule in anything there. You are obviously psychologically unwell or under the influence of something pretty damn potent. Your rambling links unrelated words and thoughts to delusional concepts. This is not the writing of someone who is completely in control of their faculties.

    Like the author, I would suggest you seek professional help. In your mind, you're indulging in something you call reasonable debate, but for the rest of the world looking on, you're babbling incoherently.

    Talk to someone. You have problems.

    1. LOL

      If i don't like Harper i am mentally ill I see plenty of personal ridicule.

      But then again my family was threatened with rape and other act's of violence. So really who are you to you Condemn my support for Harper when you support and encourage the exact kinda Bigoted psycho who posses a threat to the well being of my family. you support doing far worse then Harper's done.

      WHY should i suffer abuse at the hands of a liberal Or NDP government after I've suffered so much at the hands of people like you?

      All i want are my Fundamental right's the ones the liberals Deliberatly violated with less votes then harper has.

      Sorry for wanting human rights and protection under the charter.

      A person who is mentally well would not have such a heartless lack of compassion and such contempt for the rights of others.

      but then again like i proved this movement is made up of people who are worse then Harper.

      Sorry I offend you so much for wanting better conditions of life and protection from abusive criminal thugs.

  20. Greg,

    You have every right to your opinion, whatever it may be. I am concerned, however, you are repeatedly firing off slanderous accusations at me which are absolutely unwarranted.

    If I were you, I'd be much more careful, lest you end up on the wrong end of a letter from my attorney.

    Disagree all you want. The slander stops now. Consider me a kind man for offering the warning.

    1. LOL moving goal posts AND Sand box bullying tactics.

      I thought you used fact's... not thug tactics.

      Meh I often hear how Harper does that kinda thing to any one who he disagrees with threatens them with law suits... it's to be expected from someone worse then him.

      thanks for helping me appreciate these Wonderful years with a democratically elected government that doesn't hate me :).

      Now please kindly stop Defecating on the grave of my ancestors they've suffered enough with out having they're deaths twisted in the name of violations of my right's and freedoms. They died for my right's and freedoms not the Atrocity's against the charter you refuse to condemn

  21. It's no surprise to me that a Harper supporter is a master of rhetoric. I'm going to reiterate Greg, get help. You sincerely need it. At least learn to have a more positive outlook on life. It's good for your health. After you've accomplished that I recommend taking the time to educate yourself, your grammar is atrocious.

    For the record, I don't support the NDP or Liberals either. I'm of the opinion that the entire system has been co-opted and all politicians are bought and paid for. The real people that run things are the Paul Desmarais Jr's (Multi billionaire owner of Power Corp) of the world. People need to begin to wise up about that fact.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Unfortunately due to some very objectionable language I had to delete the previous comment. Please DO NOT use the "C" word as it is offensive to a lot of people. I have no problem with adult language but for most, that word is unacceptable.

      So I didn't delete your comment because I'm a Nazi from space or whatever you believe. Then again, you're on here claiming the gun registry somehow destroyed your life and Stephen Harper saved you from that and every other Canadian should not care about anything else the do because they ended the gun registry.

      I find that sad, rather pathetic. I truly do feel sorry for you.

      Yes, I will delete other comments if you call me a bigot like you did in the last one with the filthy language, so don't bother with that either.

    3. I am sorry for exactly quoting what supporters of your party called honest MP's who tried to do the right thing.

      I didn't call any one a C word or any derogatory name. I just repeated the comment's of one of your fellow liberals from ottawa ontario said about the Liberal and NDP mps who ignored Iggy and layton and listened to they're constituents.

      Liberal MP's who deliberately took a step against the party leader to Make canada a better place.

      BTW you deleted it cause of the valid content that you can't dispute.

      WHY should i be subjected to a government over throw of my democratically elected member of parliament by the kind of abusive thug that threatened to rape my little sister? your on the same side of the same view as that person.

      Seriously? Your not tolerant of my right's and freedoms So you are what i accuse you of being.

      Delete any post which You don't like and falsely accuse people of abusive comments you actually think of your self as a hero... your just a sad Hateful man.

      BTW The long gun registry was the least deplorable part of the firearms act.

      I'd post the fact's but Proving your worse then Harper Really ticks you off. and you'd just deleate them to protect your lies.

      If you don't like the word bigot and being called it sorry... but I disagree with your claim your not you've proven you are one by Being so abusive.

  22. Censoring any thing you don't like YEP that totally proves your worse then Harper.

    I guess you can't stomach the out right truth that your doing this based on being an intolerant hypocrite.

    If you Feel it's OK for me to have had my family threatened with rape and have no desire to ensure my well being and safety. Your clearly a hateful Abusive fascist thug who is far worse then Harper and thats a fact.

    So far you've used 3 of the cowardly tactics of Saul Alinsky's bible of bigoted tactics for cowards with no valid argument.

    Condemn the liberals Crimes against the people AND work to ensure a canada Where i am safe from the violence i have suffered at liberal supporters. thats what your movement needs not worse intolerance then the west-bough baptists. Unfortunately your a pretty much nothing more then an intolerant vial thug with a copy of saul alinskys rules for radical bigots.

    you wanna convince MP's to Betray they're riding's and the people who supported them and subject millions of canadians to further Violations of they're right's and freedoms at the hands of the abusive left wing. start by not supporting threats of rape and physical assault against people who support Harper.

    Thank you for teaching me how Great a prime minister Harper is and how lucky i am to live in canada because if it wasn't for him i'd be better of as a Mexican born Muslim illegal immigrant in the Maracopa County AZ jail the infamous tent city

  23. Just cut this Greg guy off already. He has nothing constructive to add, even in his disagreements. He seems stuck in a continual loop thinking that Harper is a hero for "saving" his family from an alleged threatening Liberal party rapist. Sorry for your families ordeal Greg, but it's over with apparently. Move on and find something constructive to add that could make our country a better place for all to live or just take your negativity and get lost. This blog is about government governing, not dictating, it's about corporations sharing not greed. It's about transparency and respect and acceptance. It's not about the CPC, Liberals, NDP et al, it's about something they are NOT.

    1. If you wanna talk about respect and acceptance why don't you Accept the facts the gun owner's are canadians to and respect they're fundamental right's and pledge to restore them In your "better canada".

      I don't wanna live in a canada where My right's are strings left in the care of Edward scissor hands.

      I know the kinda person that the author is all to well... the liberals wanted to a canada free of gun ownership and the canada my ancestors didn't die for that fascist hell sorry for wanting a canada where i can be happy.

      Again Looking to history's greatest minds i find this pro democracy quote “That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”
      ― George Orwell

      Funny a man who's political party wanted to confiscate all of the labourers guns and Smelt them into plow-shares Is claiming to be a defending democracy when his party wants to destroy the very symbol of it.

      I guess wanting to avoid the blackest of all misdeeds is nonconstructive negativity. that also happens to be the definition of a dissenting view point.

    2. If you wanted to make canada a "better place to all" you'd be supportive caring and not Abusive towards me.

      You seem to be determined to inflict far worse conditions of life then canada has ever seamed.

      Then again i proved the Better canada for all argument was BS you wanna create a better canada for a radical extremist few any one who stands in your way will suffer.

      if you can provide a solution where a left wing leader IS better for me then Harper I'll look at your view... and I'll fly over to your house on pig with wings.

  24. Bigpicguy and Anonymous:
    You have to realize that 'Greg' is actually one of Harper's communications operatives paid to divert your and other readers' attention away from the point of the discussion, namely the need for 13 conservative MPs to vote or threaten to vote against Bill C-38. Harper fears this enough to have astroturfers troll opinion forums like this one, posting with mispellings and bad grammar to make themselves look genuine, and use any means possible, even faking mental illness, to mislead and misdirect opinion away from what might be a threat.
    The fact that you were inspired by your decorated fighter pilot father to create this 13 Heroes movement is now turned against you by Greg's creation of fictitious war-dead relatives and a scarcely believable sister abused by a deranged left winger.
    The inconsistencies in Greg's language - shifting from outraged innocence to shrewd political rhetoric show him up for what he is, a graduate of Harper's Fourth Reich misinformation blogging bootcamp!

  25. Now that the Troll has been disposed of, back to the issue at hand:
    I have just returned from a very encouraging Black Mark protest outside my Conservative tar sands pipeline supporter MPs constituency office and the issue of finding and contacting 13 upright elected Tory members to vote against Bill C-38 was uppermost in everyone's mind. You know that Calgary MP Lee Richardson, a prominent long time elected member of the House of Commons and former Diefenbaker and Mulroney aide has just resigned his seat to become Premier Alison Redford's executive assistant. So the number of principled Tory MPs required to overthrow both this Bill and this deeply suspicious 'majority government' keeps shrinking all the time.

  26. Folks, don't let one Conservative AstroTroll deflect and discourage you. That is what Harper is paying Greg Allard and people like him to do. Continue this search for 13 Heroes. Go to Franke James' photo essay at:

    and sign a letter to your Member of Parliament!

    Also Visit:

    to find out aboput today's campaign to put pressure on MP's to vote against Bill C-38

    1. Wow such abusive hatefull comments

      Do you have proof that i am getting paid?


      That is actual libel making false statements with the deliberate intention of damaging a persons reputation.

      Show me this pay check? Show me your proof?

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. I've given Greg more than enough opportunity to add anything to this conversation. His last comment was just a repeat of all the rest.

    If anyone has any valid comments opposed to my point of view, you are welcome to post them. We'll discuss any concern you wish, I just think most of my readers have tired of his unrelated ramblings and, as patient as I am, so have I.

    If Greg, or anyone else has sensible things to say, they're welcome, until then, future posts from Greg will be unceremoniously deleted until such time as other readers beg to see these jewels of wisdom. I did not permanently delete them, I just blocked them, I still have all of them. Mostly because my friends don't believe someone really said those things.

    1. whats a valid consern or Valid disagreement.

      Here is a concern you've never addressed

      "What do you plan to do to protect me from the facist liberal thug who threatened to commit sexual assault against my family?"

      Valid reasonable. heck the Hatfield McCoy feud was started damn near over far less then what was done to me.

      After what i have been through HOW do you intend to assure my well being and the well being of my loved ones? seriously? if your so tolerant and Approachable Answer that simple question

      Sorry you don't respect the right's and freedoms canadians who don't agree with you because It takes some kinda bitterness to Turn a mans heart as black as yours. BTW covering up the truth i see? why are you so afraid someone pointing out the honest fact that Harper's government is no less democratic then that of Jean Chretien? 40% was good enough then.

      what did i ever do to you? to make you sooo.... Hateful i am just 1 canadian with a keyboard wanting to live in a canada where is family is safe from violence...

  29. Greg. Whatever grievance you have appears to be one with the justice system. It has nothing to do with the budget. Talk to a lawyer or the police or a crown prosecutor.

    On here we are talking about a budget. If you want to ever be safe, go live in an unmarked cave. I don't even know that is safe. Talk to a safety expert.

    On here, we talk politics, and that's it. I wasn't discussing Chretien. He's been gone a long time. You have no idea whether I agreed or disagreed with any of his policies, you just assume. If you post and stay talking about C38 I'll leave it up. If you stray from that, I'll delete you till the cows come home.

    1. So you'll do nothing then.

      This ain't about the budget.

      it's about Undermining and bringing down the democratically elected majority government.

      If you Wanna Co-operate well then Co-operate with me in my efforts to restore the rights My fathers fauthers father DIED in a ww1 trench for. that my Fathers mothers Father lost his leg for in that same war. that my grand father DIED from wounds sustained pinned under a jeep for 2 days in winter for.

      The ones Chretien violated with the firearms act.

      EVERY thing is fair game.

      Knowing how you'd ensure my well being from those who would harm my family is a good measure of the man you are. Knowing your Going to restore the right's your party (you are a liberal supporter after all) violated IS a measure of the kinda person i am dealing with.

      then again... if you support Chretien... That would be saying one thing and doing another.

      If you we're out right Supportive OF my rights as i said i'd work with your movement... but 1/3rd of the charter violated and you won't even admit there was a single wrong doing And claimed that the least of the violations Was the worst.

      I've been on topic.

      you've moved the goal posts.

  30. I replied to a post upthread before I had read through all the posts. It is ironic that our troll has accused those of us supporting the 13 Heroes initiative as being against freedoms and rights. I am supporting this primarily because I believe this budget bill removes many of our rights and freedoms.

    I sent the 13 Heroes link to my MP via Twitter. This was his response when I asked him if he would be a hero: "Bob Zimmer MP‏@bobzimmermp

    @KathrynB_FSJ I'll be supporting our PM and our government...NOT your NDP."

    I have an MP who seems incapable of independent thought and who would rather label than engage in any discussion. He blocked me from Twitter last year during the election because I asked questions in response to his party line Tweets. They were respectful questions. He unblocked me this year after I wondered how my MP could block his constituents. One of his friends encouraged him to unblock me. Sadly, I see this behaviour as a reflection of our current government's style. Shut down any discussion that might not support the "dominant" view or agenda.

    I truly hope that 13 Conservative MP's have the courage to speak up against this bill, and to force some changes to it. After all, Mr Harper was against omnibus bills when he was in opposition, for good reasons. I don't think it needs to cause the fall of the government.

    For the record, I have chosen to not join a political party because I do not wish to be required to support a party line. I am of the belief that the party system may very well be past its usefulness and that we need to find another system, where our representatives to government can truly represent us.

    1. Sorry but i am not a troll i am adding the very solution you need.

      It's funny that when i Mentioned Exact quotes about liberals who did the right thing and supported bill C301 in the first reading out Intolerant host censored the truth.

      then again This movement was invented by a man who has made it clear if peaceful legal means don't work that he'll use other methods. who refuse's to condemn crimes against my family Because he feels those crimes are OK.

      Why is an NDP or liberal MP who Votes against the party leader a "fucking backstabbing A******" but a Conservative MP a so called hero? Where we're 13 Mp's in 1995 to undermine that fascist and accroding to your standards an undemocratic dictator?

      even if this budget bill violates your rights which it hardly does a majority of seats with 40% votes is still a legal democratic justified majority under the law with every right to Amend and change our rights. and if condemning Your liberal party for doing just that makes you think i am a troll you really have no right to complain cause there is nothing harper could do thats as bad as that facist neo commie thug Chretien did.

      the abusive comments support for violent and illegal measures against those who disagree Refusal to condemn and promise to fight to undue past atrocity's against the charter by a party that had nothing but contempt for parliament...

      Ohhh well If you insist on burning bridges with those who are giving you the exact information you need to succeed i know you'll fail.

      if my valid accurate serious concerns offend you well one thing I've stated and proved with out a single fact contesting it Stands still.

      your refusal to support valid reasonable redress of grievance's is the exact tactic your condemning

  31. Sooo Mark while i was Trying to confirm a posters claim i see you like to accuse Conservatives of dodging question's Answer all these Specifickly and directly


    Why are NDP and Liberal MP's who vote against the party "f^&*ing A&^-C#$&s" who betrayed the voters who deserve to be punished for breaking the goose step? yet a Conservative who does the same is some how A "hero"?

    Why is it OK got you to falsely accuse Harper of the most ridiculous Unfounded accusations? Yet when i specifically Quote your comments exactly you Flip out and threaten me with an unfounded libel lawsuit one of the very specific So called deplorable tactics you accuse Harper of? of which cleaerly was hot air or your lawyer laughed at you.

    Why do you refuse to obey Goodwin's law allying Clear deliberate references to any Conservative as being a Nazi?

    and seriously how are the violation of 13 fundamental rights my ancestors gave life and limb for a joke to you simply because your abysmal Liberal party committed the violations?

    Remember now your allegedly "better then Harper" I expect polite specific answers to all these questions with out any dodgery or lies with out trying to shift focus.

    OOOOH yeah. how are you Any thing but wholly intolerant towards Conservative and libertarian canadians when you state if you don't get your way through peaceful and legal means you'll use others to get your way?

    I am rarely a gambler BUT i would bet you'll evade these Valid concerns?

  32. To Kathryn B in Fort St. John:
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. We have already had two protest rallies outside Bob Zimmer's office in Prince George and are having another tomorrow on the eve of the marathon vote in the House of Commons where MP's with any shred of respect for democracy will spend dozens of hours voting on the 167 groups of motions to amend / delete clauses in Bill C-38.

    Did you know that Bob Zimmer's election expense records showed a payment of $18,032 on April 18, 2011 to Responsive Marketing Group, the same firm that helped create the Constituent Information Management System for the conservatives, and the same one whose Thunder Bay call centre employee Annette Desgagne filed a sworn affidavit with Elections Canada stating they were required to read election day scripts directing voters to the wrong polling stations?

    Also in Bob Zimmer's riding, Dawson Creek radio station CJDC reported on election day that voters were receiving misleading calls of their polling stations being moved.

  33. Yeah i see that Mark the worse then harper violant bigot Openly ignores perfextly valid and important concerns about the kinda person who supports this radical left wing facist movement...

    Man dodges questions more then harper does

    BTW did you hear about the Occupy Wall street supporter who killed 14 people and wounded 58??? why would any one who you disagree with you people when your movement is accosciated with dangerous Nutbars?

    Marks a ticking violent time bomb he openly said he'll harm others to get his way. oooooh wait marks goal is a Final solution to the conservative problem... yeah not wanting to be killed by a bigoted Fascist left wing radical commie thug or his supporters for not agreeing with his views what a disgrace to Canadians.

    Grow up and address my concerns