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Saturday, 2 June 2012

#13Heroes (Part II)

First, thank you to everyone who read, shared, and commented on my initial 13 Heroes post. I greatly appreciate all the support and wonderful messages of encouragement from all. Thanks again, and let's get the #13Heroes hashtag to the point where it can't be ignored!

I'd like to introduce you to my inspiration for #13Heroes, and the reason I feel so passionately about this. My Dad.

This is what a real hero looks like. During World War II, for those who can appreciate this sort of thing, Dad was a tail gunner in the RAF. For those who may be less military-savvy, he was the last line of defense for a big, lumbering bomber. He sat alone, in a glass bubble under the tail of an enormous plane, the main target of German fighter planes, the bombers took a terrible toll on the enemy, and the enemy did not take that lightly. When all else failed, and a fighter was able to get in behind a bomber, with their superior speed and bristling with guns, my Dad was that guy they wanted dead immediately. He was the only thing left to stop them from bringing his plane and its crew down. Many bombers and their crews died horrible, flaming deaths. That's the bleak reality of war, not the sanitized movie depiction we've come to know and love.

When the world was under threat, my father and millions of men like him didn't say "I can't go against Hitler, it could ruin my career to oppose him". Only cowardly politicians can say "I can't go against Harper, it's useless" with a straight face. Or a grin, like the current, undignified crop of punks.

My father got in that bomber to preserve a way of life, a more caring and principled society. Eventually, the law of averages will get you and he was shot down. He survived. What would have happened at that point if he'd said "I was shot down, I'm afraid of Hitler"? I don't know, because my father, apparently, was not as cowardly as a conservative MP. I'll guarantee my dad wouldn't have cowered from the likes of Stephen Harper, schoolyard bully Prime Minister. He didn't quit, he got back into another bomber and let Hitler know he still wasn't afraid. Again with the law of averages, dad was shot down again. Obviously lucky for me, he survived yet again. Did he play cowardly conservative MP? Did he say "Now I've been shot down twice, I really need to fear Hitler"? No. He wasn't the type to say "Oh Mr. Harper, I fear you so I will never vote against you, no matter how wrong you are or how many people are hurt by you", no, you can bet John McCaw would never have uttered that kind of crap. He got back into another bomber and continued to fight until the end of the war. He was released with a chest full of medals, none so treasured as his Distinguished Flying Cross. He re-enlisted and served for several more years before immigrating to Canada to marry my mother. His injuries were such he became a paraplegic, and, as you can see above, died at age 44. My dad knew what a real hero was, he lived in the skin, as did, and do, many others. For now, those heroes are not conservative MP's.

In a way, my first 13 Heroes post brought me somehow closer to dad. As he sat, alone in a bubble, with a mission to stop his, and future generations, from a life under fascist rule. Here I sit, in my own metaphorical bubble, with a mission to stop Stephen Harper. A man I believe will do irreparable damage to Canada and Canadian citizens. Dad was one among many who did what he had to do, as will I.

I went to visit Dad's grave today. I don't do it often, I find it infinitely painful. Today I did, because it was important to me to go there and promise my Dad, my Hero, that I would never stop my fight to find 13 Heroes. Trust me. Even if I get shot down, I will get in another metaphorical bomber and continue to fight what I believe is a traitorous injustice that a small minded megalomanic wishes to rain down upon this generation, my daughter's generation, and everyone who comes after. Corporations do not come before people. My father was willing to put his life on it, why should I even begin to consider doing any less?

The support I've been shown buoys me, it allows me to ignore some of the foolish attacks that have been launched against me. The only thing I regret is my daughter is frightened for me. Since she learned from her father that paying attention to politics is important, she knows this government has allowed people to be shipped to third countries and tortured. She knows Stephen Harper is powerful and doesn't like those who oppose him. That he prefers to silence opposition. I've told her I must honour my father and all those who made similar sacrifices, even if they bundle me on a plane to some place where they'll be happy to extract my toenails with pliers. If they do, they do. There really is only one way to stop me, and that is to kill me. I am a very determined man.

I'm not being melodramatic. I'm not the overly emotional type. I want you to look at the picture below and really think about it. If you think this isn't exactly where C38 and the omnibus crime bill will take us, then come to me with fact and prove me wrong. Not name calling or ideology or rhetoric. Facts. Prove me wrong. What in that list is not happening or soon to happen in Canada?

I don't want to explain all the details of why I think it is so wrong to pretend to be passing a budget bill, when it includes dozens of other pieces of legislation that remove fisheries laws, remove environmental protection and oversight, penalize people who have difficulty finding work, create conditions where the citizens of Canada could oppose a project, where environmental studies show it could be disastrous, yet the cabinet (not government, just the cabinet) could grant approval to go ahead anyway. Gutting coast guard and search and rescue capabilities on both coasts...oh yes, allowing American authorities to ignore our sovereignty and operate on Canadian soil. Those are just a tiny fraction of the heinous laws they are trying to pass in the guise of a budget.

Don't just take my word for it. Educate yourself. Ask why the government has to keep invoking closure on debate, and moving committee meetings to private "in-camera" sessions. If this government had any intention of representing the needs of Canadians, they wouldn't be trying to hide it, they'd be bragging about it so often you'd know every intimate detail of bill C38. Most people just hear it referred to as a budget. It sure is. They hear that this budget has been debated longer than any other in history. Also deceivingly true. Beyond that, conservatives aren't trumpeting all the baggage that goes with it. It's like marrying a woman who fails to inform you beforehand she has 70 dependent children and other assorted relatives. Maybe they've debated the budget, but they haven't debated the legislative changes.

Add the omnibus crime bill with its Soviet-style all out warrantless internet spying and more severe sentences for some fool growing a few pot plants than for pedophiles.

I am going to urge conservative MP's to look at this bill. To look at the omnibus crime bill. Then come and look your constituents in the face and tell them you are going to vote against this bill C38 because you are not a coward. You aren't scared to do what is right. That you'll be remembered in history as taking a principled stand against something that is very, very wrong.

It makes no difference if you vote nay, abstain, cross the floor, but by whatever means possible, you must be more like my dad, fight for open democracy. You aren't going to die. You aren't going to have any problem being elected again and again, even if you run as an independent. The people who need #13Heroes will never let that happen. We will pledge to abandon our own party politics to support you in that seat. We will take care of you, hell, the book deals alone will take care of your families for the rest of your life.


Will we have cowards who don't dare stand up to their boss? Or #13Heroes?

Don't let up. Do everything you can to stop C38. Write your MP, call them, email them, show up at their office, attend protests, tell your friends and family, educate yourself before Canada as you know it no longer exists. You will have a Canada wholly owned by corporations and foreign nations, with no regard for the well being of the weakest of its citizens. A Canada hated by other countries, exactly like the US. Perhaps, just the gateway to Stephen Harper's secret desire to be president of the US. Why not merge, so he could be known as the "Most Powerful Man in the World". I put nothing past this man.

Please get involved, like these people today in Vancouver, and others all across this country, who just want Canada to be Canada. Who want at least the semblance of honesty. Who need 13 Heroes.

Thank you all for reading. Thank you for all the support. Thank you for taking action. Much love to all.
Thanks to for their fantastic network of people.

Now LET'S DO THIS! #13Heroes for CANADA!


  1. My father was the same. North Africa. Dysentry, malaria. Sicily. Schrapnel, bullet wounds. More malaria. And on and on. He was a pacifist at heart. But he knew when someone had to be stopped. There were days when he despaired, after hard battle, sitting surrounded by mud and blood. But he didn't give up.

    He died young too. It took a lot out of him. But I knew him long enough to know that he absolutely would have agreed with you - as do I. This is NOT the Canada he fought for, this country that we're becoming under the "stewardship" of Mr. Harper. I want us to be Canada the Good again. We need those #13heroes and we need them NOW.

    1. Soooo when my great grand fathers gave live and limb At vimy Ridge and the Somme....

      Did they DIE so the liberals could violate my rights? because thats What i keep seeing is the accusation that they died for a canada where The government treats pedophiles better then me.

      Sorry but you can't claim this your pulling this BS in the name of my ancestors and they're comrades.

      your worse then Harper all of you

      BS you grand father didn't die for Harper's canada the liberals record on what our war dead died for IS WORSE.

      MP's who vote against they're party's are traitorous "A$$C^#@s" as liberals referred to left wing MP's who tried to co-operate with Harper on Bill C301.

      But then again This is a movement Made up of violent intolerant libellous and hypocrites.

      Why didn't 13 "Heros" under mine and over throw the Chretien dictatorship?

      I've proven You all worse then Harper in the last thread This rant is sad Harper won a majority fair and square now thugs willing to use Illegal and violent means to undermine the legitimate government.

      Longest election loss tantrum ever.

      canada hasn't been canada the good in 20 something years. and this movement will make it canada the unlivable.

      My conditions of life here would be worse then that of a Mexican born Muslim illegal immigrant captured in maracopa county.

      And the truth is you have no facts or evidence that will disprove my accusations and will resort to the pathetic Cowardly tactics of Saul Alinsky.

  2. I've been saying for months that I don't mind calling it "Harper's government," because it's just not good enough to be Canada's government. So many of the reasons that I am enthusiastically patriotic are being crushed, knocked down, and washed away.
    For me personally, cutting funding and back-pedalling on commitments to childcare and replacing it with $100/month so that all parents can have "more choices" in the care of their children knocked me over. I call that $100/month "Harper's joke." I'm not the only parent that has to make the choice of staying home to care for the kids or having them in care while I work and only bringing home 1/4 of my pay-cheque after paying for daycare. I also happen to be an Early Care and Learning Professional, aka a preschool/daycare teacher, one of the thousands across the country who get paid less for teaching children positive social/emotional character and virtues than people who work at doggie daycares. I love dogs and I get why people might have dogs instead of kids, but dogs to grow up to be part of society, they don't need guidance to avoid turning out to be convicts that fill prisons, or people who won't work but are clever enough to abuse the system and live comfortably on income assistance. Dogs don't need the care and attention and confidence to learn to be farmers and mechanics and lawyers and doctors and real life Heroes. Don't caregivers of the next generation of law makers deserve at least enough income to pay keep them from needing social assistance funding? Stephen Harper doesn't think so, he thinks supplementing my husband's income by $100 will magically mean that I can stay home and care for my own children. That's a joke. We have bills to pay, Steve.
    I've figured out who all these conservatives are: they're the comfortably well-off baby boomers who now outnumber the younger generation, now turning 40 years old) that is strapped to student-loans, trying to figure out where 1/2 million dollars is going to come from so they can stop renting and get into a 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo within walking distance to a bus stop.

    This is why we need people like Mark McCaw, people who can see "the big picture" and understand that we all have to work together and fight together, publicly, to maintain the freedom our parents and grandparents have fought for, and the sons and daughters and fathers and husbands and brothers and sisters that continue to fight for the freedom of others around the world.
    Thanks for your passion and your leadership Mark. God bless our great nation, Canada, the True North, Strong, and FREE!!

    1. Freedom to Violate the rights of conservative Canadians you hate....

      My grand parents and great grand parents gave life and limb to.

      But then again Harpers not the monster Liberal bigots like Mark McCaw.

      the BIG picture

      IF i don't conspire to commit treason I have my eyes closed? HAHAHAHA hypocrites.

      The big picture Includes the Attrocitys against the right's of the people Bigots like mark COVER up and hide.

      Why can you Dishonour our war nations dead with such PETTY childish BS?

      Your worse then Harper. you ignore me because Acknowledging it means accepting your petty childish intolerance.

      Canada stopped being a free country long before Harper and he isn't nearly as bad as Chretien was.

      your not gonna Punish the left for Violating my rights and freedoms Goddess bless Harper Canada's Legitimate prime minister

      bigoted scum Never answer a single ? poised to them.

  3. Sooo Mark while i was Trying to confirm a posters false claim on the last thread i saw you like to accuse Conservatives of dodging question's Answer all these Specifically and directly


    Why are NDP and Liberal MP's who vote against the party "f^&*ing A&^-C#$&s" who betrayed the voters who deserve to be punished for breaking the goose step? yet a Conservative who does the same is some how A "hero"?

    Why is it OK got you to falsely accuse Harper of the most ridiculous Unfounded accusations? Yet when i specifically Quote your comments exactly you Flip out and threaten me with an unfounded libel lawsuit one of the very specific So called deplorable tactics you accuse Harper of? of which cleaerly was hot air or your lawyer laughed at you.

    Why do you refuse to obey Goodwin's law allying Clear deliberate references to any Conservative as being a Nazi?

    and seriously how are the violation of 13 fundamental rights my ancestors gave life and limb for a joke to you simply because your abysmal Liberal party committed the violations?

    Remember now your allegedly "better then Harper" I expect polite specific answers to all these questions with out any dodgery or lies with out trying to shift focus.

    OOOOH yeah. how are you Any thing but wholly intolerant towards Conservative and libertarian canadians when you state if you don't get your way through peaceful and legal means you'll use others to get your way?

    I am rarely a gambler BUT i would bet you'll evade these Valid concerns?

    I'd like my liberal violated right to freedom of expression, the right to freedom from warrant less search and seizure of property, and my right to equal protection and benefit to the law back.

    All of these desires are reasonable and as it stands Will not be fixed by the left as such Status Quo VS worse conditions of life yeah Harper's not bad at all compared to you people.

  4. Currently Marks beloved liberals Are Harassing a political activist trying to put His wife and children out on the street for disagreeing with Mcguiltys views...

    You Gonna Support Acquit Bruce Montague And Demand reparations For him being denied his rights? Formally apologize for the atrocity he suffered fighting to restore the right's SGT john mccaw was Died fighting against the German Luftwaffe Scum for?

    Getting liberal fascist thugs who dishonour Canada's war dead with pathetic anti Democratic temper tantrums to answer a question is harder then getting A Racist to realize every one deserves equal right's.

  5. What a cowardly little bigot who won't address reasonable criticism of his final solution to his Conservative problem.

    Why Do left wing bigots get to skirt questions? and yet condem others from doing the same?

    Why do you feel it's acceptible to commit violance against right wing canadians?

    Why is a Progressive Conseritive a HERO!!! for doing what Would get a liberal or Not Democrat called "traitorous asscunt"?

    why Is it ok for Liberals to violate the very right's our troops died for in WW2 with out condemnation but Some trolling biter liberal bigot can Defecate on they're graves twisting they''re sacrifice for a childish political stunt?

    so much of addressing every reasonable concern... a lying intolerant two faced abusive hypocrite... yeah Mark's a bigot who is worse then Harper....

    I have a feeling this is hurt feelings over saint iggy and the liberal's collective ass's getting handed to them and less about a "better canada" because the Canada Mark wants will have Conservative and libertarians Murdered on mass which is funny cause... he really is the kinda person his father died fighting... if i was his father I'd be utterly assumed to have my name used for this Vitriolic pile of Cow Feces.

  6. Hello Bigot where's your lawyer? Violent Bigoted thugs like you... Makes me appreciate how good a prime minister Harper is... it could be worse Could be a bigoted woman abusing left wing thug who will use criminal and violent methods to oppress those who oppose his views.

    Then again.... Lie Libel Liberal the evolution of government corruption.

  7. Looks like someone is off their meds.