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Friday, 29 June 2012

#DisruptACon (Updated)

So Harper's Heroes are now hiding in the closet. No surprise.

No matter. We can do better. Step up our game. They've treated us all as garbage and now they've come to the end of any ideas they had about running (or should I say ruining) the economy and they're thinking they can bluff us into believing a word that spews from their mouths. We have had enough of Harper and his merry band of criminals, so let's show it to everyone.


By now, I sincerely hope Canadians are waking up to the truth these people who call themselves the conservative party of Canada are not ever going to respond to the normal, civilized, Canadian way of doing things. They just aren't. The sooner you accept that as absolute fact, the better it is for our country.

So, what do I propose?

Not violence. I make that perfectly clear. If you're looking for a "take up arms" type, I am not your man.

What's left? Plenty.

Today is the day you have to accept, at least temporarily, that all the ugly, dirty, underhanded shit of American politics is upon us. I don't need to list the litany of Harper government transgressions when it comes to queering elections. Just follow the work of Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor. If that isn't enough to make you sick to your stomach, you can google plenty of news relating to election irregularities both proven, and alleged against the conservative party of Canada. Does anyone ever, in their lifetime, remember a government that operated this way? What kind of government takes open steps to muzzle any kind of critical voice? What kind of government attacks its own citizens, calling them terrorists and child pornographers and pedophiles. If you disagree with anything they say or do, you are somehow evil. Excuse my language, but that is just totally fucked up.

If you can read this wiki, at least a couple of paragraphs you should probably be able to imagine how easy it is to connect the dots straight to these people.

By definition, politicians, especially elected ones, are public figures. Normally, even when we haven't agreed with the party in power or their representatives, we still had to afford them a modicum of respect. They at least responded to your concerns. I've written the Prime Minister, other Ministers, and even local MP's and I receive a form letter in return. Sometimes, if I write to more than one, I get the exact same form letter, signed by various MP's. These people are flat out telling Canadians "Fuck you, we're doing whatever we want, and we don't even have to answer you".

Enter #DisruptACon

What is it? Disrupt a con is a next step. It's a step we must take. It's not for everyone, and there are certainly a complex number of levels we will be operating at.

Conservatives are making the lives of Canadians miserable in many different ways. #DisruptACon is about returning the favour, in spades.

It doesn't involve tents. Pot and Pans are ok. The number of Canadians who will be hurt with the passage of the two omnibus bills (so-called budget and crime bills) and other recent legislation is almost unfathomable. We have to be more insistent, in a more creative way.

Since our conservative MP's are public figures, I see no reason not to treat them like celebrities. Rather than occupiers, we need to become a kind of citizen papparazzi. Everyone can find their own level of #DisruptACon from the people with lots of time and dedication, to people who don't think there is anything they can do.

Here's an example of #DisruptACon

The time is now. It's bullshit season. These slimeballs have been lying so long they believe their own lies. Their foolish eggs in one basket economic plan has collapsed. They've been in panic mode promising all things to all people and delivering nothing, nada, zippo, sweet F.A. These useless bits of human garbage have to face an election, therefore will need to make public appearances. For those who know how to organize protests, or know those available to protest, this offers a wonderful opportunity. Tents brought attention to the initial message of Occupy, unfortunately, they became more of a disruption to citizens than authorities who waited until citizens began to complain and legitimized the use of force to break up the camps. The ideas took hold and are being talked about, so there is some win there. Pots and pans have sharpened attention on Quebec protests against loi 78 and has spread. Rather than try to set up 24/7 encampments, we need a certain form of non-violent guerrilla civil disobedience.

#DisruptACon is about making the lives of elected conservative members miserable. It's about people showing up at every public function they appear at. It's about finding them in public places and confronting them on their policies and demanding explanations.

If you're reading this, you own a smartphone or computer, or at least have access to one. If there is nothing else you think you can do, here's something very simple. Open up your email. Get a listing of conservative MP's parliamentary email addresses right here. Set up a template, email to all of them, and send them either a question or a comment or a concern at least once a day. If just 1000 Canadians use this as their form of protest, every conservative MP will have 7000 emails a week in their inbox. It only takes a minute.

Nobody likes junk mail. Fortunately if you are employed, you can go to a business supply place and buy envelopes in bulk. Save up all the junk mail you get a week and stuff it into a manilla envelope. Address it to your MP at the house of commons. Sending mail to your MP at the house of commons requires no postage. So why not let some conservative earn their pay sorting and disposing of all that junk mail you don't want in your local landfill.

Most of us have telephones. Use yours to call your local MP. If you can't contact them to answer questions for you, you can leave messages. You can also call after hours, if they have a message machine and you're bored, why not call repeatedly and leave long rambling messages until you get tired or their message box is full. Be careful not to say anything that could get you in trouble. Just ask questions, ask them to explain changes they are making, or why they are ordering civil servants not to talk to the public. Ask lots of questions.

Do whatever you have to do to #DisruptACon but keep it non violent and legal. Canadians need to let them know that making people miserable can become a two way street. We need to put sustained pressure on these people and let them know the real Canadian majority will no longer allow them a free ride.

For the most part, I feel the mainstream media has abandoned citizens. While I can't directly blame journalists, I can point to consolidation of media ownership in western countries. Even journalists need to make a living, if your employer won't print or broadcast your stories, you're jobless. That said, we are lucky to still have some very fine journalists doing great work in an extremely difficult environment.

#DisruptACon is action every Canadian can take. Age or ability is not a factor,

Stories, photos, and video of any actions you take to #DisruptACon are also wanted so I can update and encourage Canadians to finally get a voice.

#DisruptACon ~ we must join together and show our concerns can not be ignored. The Harper government likes to play boogeyman and frighten people. It's time to frighten them back. A never ending stream of disruptions every which way they turn is a language they cannot possibly ignore. Let it be clear they will never be elected again. We are their employers. Let's tell them loud and clear: Conservatives...You're FIRED!


  1. I really don't believe in non violence any more.

  2. If you look at the behaviour of "Western" governments you could be right. I'd at least like to give them a chance to come to their senses. This government intends another budget bill in the fall, again, money bills are confidence motions. If we make it clear their lives are going to be uncomfortable on an ongoing basis perhaps the idea they don't live in a bubble will make them rethink their position.

    Some people couldn't bring themselves to being violent, I give them an option of doing something, at least.

  3. The trouble is THEY resort to violence ie G20

    1. That's true. My father died from injuries he got fighting against the domination of the world by Fascists. We just cannot hand it back to them.

      I said long ago it could come to violence, I just hold out hope enough people will come to their senses before that.

    2. And what about the students in QC? Don't you think they are doing something right?

    3. Yes I do. I also have to balance the idea many Canadians find it un-Canadian to engage in certain tactics. I'm trying to help include those who want some way to fight but don't really know how.

      I believe we should be protesting every way we possibly can. If you're stuck at home, use email, regular mail, telephone. If you can hit the streets, hit the streets. If you can disrupt these people and make their lives uncomfortable great.

      I don't want to be responsible for people getting into trouble or getting themselves hurt. People need to find whatever level they're comfortable with, but we all need to do something!

    4. Hi Mark,

      This looks like a great idea. Not everyone has the means &/or health to physically participate and I for one, being a senior, think we all need to address the changes Harper is making to our futures.
      This is not the world I was raised to believe in! It's turned into a nightmare. :( Thanks for giving us ways to participate.

  4. Song a protest song:

    OCanada with fossil soil, we frack the gas and mine the coal... learn a protest song for Canada Day 2 minutes 25 seconds

  5. I'm retired now, but I did work for the feds for 35 years as an executive assistant. They have something called the 'ministerial correspondence' unit that handles incoming mail from constituents and citizens. Unfortunately if you inundate their office with 7000 letters, it will be managers and administrators who will get the brunt of this... and seeing as they just got rid of a ton of people, their workload will increase once again.

    I like your spirit and tenacity, but this tactic will probably have little effect on the intended target.

    1. Just one of a number of tactics we have to employ. If it means tying up the system that serves them, it's a step. So is inundating their constituency offices. Finding them at public events and throwing questions at them. Every possible inconvenience should be used to send a message we aren't going to just sit around and take it.

  6. I have a counter proposal: save the ELA institute. Harper is cutting their whole budget of around 2 million dollars. My idea: Make a collect for donations, pay their budget and enjoy the free publicity the action will get from the media. It will be a slap in the face for all cons. Lets save our Canadian scientists !

    1. I like it. Have your approached Elizabeth May and Franke James? Two very influential women.

    2. When the hospital in Saint John NB offered the Governmenet (Conservative) almost $1,000,000 to upgrade their already-approved CT scanner to a 3rd generation unit. The hospital corporation had the money in the bank. The provincial government refused the money.

    3. If someone could get a fund set up, I'd be glad to have a run of #DisruptACon t-shirts made with all profits to this cause.

  7. Quebec students are NOT doing it right. Minority agrees with them, the more they protest the more people are annoyed by them. The protestors are the minority of students, the majority went to classes and completed thier semesters, another large percentage wanted to practice thier right to be educated yet a small group was preventing them from doing this. They are misleading the public by saying they represent all students. They have lost focus, student leaders have lost control, they have damaged property, they have negatively affected businesses in downtown Montreal. Things have fizzled off now that it's affecting thier pockets more (they work in the summer), they don't care how this affects everyone else's pockets during the protests and into the future. If we want to win public support against the Conservatives do NOT follow thier model. (I didn't even mention thier voting methods of 'by hand' bullying included during the votes)

    1. I have no intention of following anyone. I'm not much of a follower. I advocate for citizen participation in democracy, however they can.

      I believe we need to put pressure on MP's to answer the legitimate questions Canadians have. I don't advocate violence, nor do I think annoying the public is productive.

      That said, people who wish to protest in public are entitled to do so. Citizens need to stand up and demand real answers, not talking points. Everyone can take actions, but direct those actions at our government members.

    2. Sorry to Anonymous but I don't buy your point of view re: Quebec student protests. First of all the DEMAND for free education; it is not just about tuition fees.

      Oh ye of so minuscule vision: (as I’ve heard some commenting about 'how much y'all paid for yours...' or that '...costs of educating youth are so much into their personal investment portfolio...') self-centeredness describes them best. And if some feel so overburdened by taxes, then maybe we should have more say as to where our taxes go - does one prefer arms and war to education? There is NO future in investing in more military. Investing in education, our youth, is the best investment one could ever make in creatively resolving the contemporary issues and problems that we, the global populace, are confronted with today. If it requires overthrowing a visionless governments, then so be it. I say, DOWN WITH ALL INCREASES, not just in Quebec, but across the country, and in all countries. I say, gradual reduction of all education costs so that by 2020, all education be free for those who successfully meet each terms 'criteria'.
      It is the mark of a totalitarian government that would want to make education less and less available; it is the mark of a developing democracy where education becomes more accessible. And yes there are ways of doing this; one big first step would be to make ALL natural resources the property of a 'Commons'. It does not take a genius to recognize that the planet is being plundered and raped by the greedy to assuage their insecurities.

    3. The dumbing down of our education system creates more worker drones. Companies make unbelievable profits, if we taxed the unbelievable profits they'd still take billions away and we could have a better, more socially responsible society. Just look at oil company profits, they can pay a good chunk and still get incredibly rich. If they threaten to pull out, I'd be prepared to tell em to fuck off, because only an idiot would believe someone doesn't want that oil, badly. Same with banks and other companies that make excessive profits.

  8. Your acting like spoiled children. So your party didn't win the last election, let's light the torches and break out the pitch forks. Let's stomp our feet and hold our breath. Grow up.

    We have a strong and growing economy unlike the rest of the world, but forget all that. We should all be outraged over misinformation and allegations.

    1. WRONG! We should all be outraged over cheating lying and destructive government actions.

    2. I am sorry it is not about who won the last election - if the other side muzzeled us and wantonly destroyed the basic fabric of Canada I would be equally angry. I respect that we have a demoncracy and therefore people have different views - I also expect that those views are listened to, responded to and considered.

    3. "So your party didn't win the last election" - Even that is in question what with robocalls and other tactics. And no we do not have "a strong and growing economy" and with all the layoffs and cutbacks it will be hamstrung.
      Even if you voted PCP. Did you vote for the TPP (NAFTA on steroids)? Did you vote for wrecking the environment? Are you asleep?

    4. The misinformation originates with the Harper Reform Party (cause there are no real PC members anymore) claim that THEY are responsible for all economic positives in Canada. This despite squandering a multi-billion dollar surplus in their first term to buy votes. That surplus reflected the strength of our economy at that time & the financial prudence of the Paul Martin government. The wasted money continues with the selling of crown assets at fire sale prices financing further gaps in revenue. Much of this money is still used to buy votes or call useless elections when polls told them they had a shot at a majority. The dumbing down (a la US politics) of Canadian citizens (so they will believe any headline in Conservative propaganda outlets) continues unabated as they eliminate the scientists providing us details on how our environment continues to deteriorate. Almost as though Exxon hired someone to roll back environmental regulations for their benefit. Oh wait, they did, former Exxon economist Stephen Harper. Is their any doubt they are keeping a seat warm for him as a future board of directors table.

    5. Today's economic numbers are a total repudiation of the Harper plan of laying all of our cards on the tarsands, at the expense of all else. We just exported 30% less oil, imported more, the US closed the trade gap to a new level, and since all other business in Canada has been ignored, we're going to keep dropping because of Stephen Harper, the economist who doesn't understand "Dutch Disease".

      Frankly I could care less who the PM is, when they pass lousy, heinous legislation aimed at making Canada into Tea Party America, I will fight as long, as hard, and every way I can to rid our beautiful country of these ugly, embarrassing warts.

  9. I like the names for the tactics described. I have another name for the Cons. They are deceptaCONs. Let's label them with this nane as much as possible.

  10. I looked at a couple of those disruptions and have to say that while i found the Drs crashing of Oliver's office to be very effective, i found the interuption of the so called minister [ Oliver is a disgrace to Parliament]not so much.Although they did better in the media interviews afterwards.
    The interuption of the minister[sic] could have been handled better. After he had given his reply someone skilled in of cross examination or well prepared might have had a comprehensive list of questions and facts that would have forced Oliver to argue his case. What i'm trying to say it isn't enough to just confront or disrupt, you have make them argue their case and confront them with well prepared facts.
    Not too sound like a know it all [ i wouldn't have done any better]but what do you want the public to remember - that you rudely interupted a minister, or that you showed how egregious and inhuman this bill is by being specific and factual rather than just emotional or even irrational.
    Consider the DR in the first video, he merely pointed out there were no provisions for taking care of a heart attack victim - no more to say - it was brilliant, effective, powerful and ulimately unanswerable.
    Man i was proud of those guys standing up like that for the most vulnerable in our society. That gave me heart and hope this appalling govt will get turfed and democratically too.

  11. america's legacy will always be liberty and "freedom" canada's responsible government for a responsible society. how responsibile is our society if it allowed these fools a governing majority without asking real questions, without demanding real answers, and letting the ideological bullshit flow out of every single one of conservative mp's mouths. when acting both in and outside of canada making enemies of finance ministers abroad taking credit for canada being filled with Canadians doing what Canadians do is not right, Canadians respect the environment, take care of each other and move forward together trying to create a better tmrw for all Canadians, an ethic no conservative anywhere could really support, independence and cohesion are innately at odds, think about it.

  12. Just sent off my first comment to all the CPC members in the Commons asking if they felt the #DenounceHarper even on twitter yesterday was a bunch of "lefty sore losers" or a bunch of Canadians legitimately concerned about how this government conducts itself.

  13. Would it not be possible, not to mention a lot more effective to have some sort of leader confab to organize a long term campaign against the Harper Reform/Alliance?

  14. Thanks for this post about DisruptACon, Mark! I think it's great that you've proposed some non-violent actions people can do. I've felt very frustrated that the Harper Government only cares about and listens to people who agree with them. Steven Harper doesn't seem to understand that as PM he is supposed to listen to ALL Canadians. The Canadian Government should do what is best for all Canadians, what the majority of Canadians want, what is best for Canada... Instead, the Harper Government always does what is best for Harper and his friends! I found your post empowering and I will be writing to the Cons often. Thanks!

    1. I like to mass mail 3 questions a day to each of them, in separate emails. Why should they be able to get away with refusing to answer questions when they won't let employees talk to the public. This isn't anything but communism, complete with fake elections.

    2. I just emailed off my fifth batch of questions - I usually pick 1 item and write a little blurb about it - I try to be polite about it - "Just wanted to remind you that you voted against xyz...." Haven't gotten back anything but auto-responses that sound virtually identical. But they do promise that the MP will see my comments. Not holding my breath on that, but at least it's something, right?

    3. Everything we can do individually and collectively helps. Today I took to twitter to encourage people to #DisruptACon by organizing little flashmobs when their MP will be at a public event. As soon as he/she opens their mouth, start singing O Canada. They can break the law, but we can break their spirit.

    4. Greg Allard (the voice of reason)5 August 2012 at 20:17

      "Why should they be able to get away with refusing to answer questions"

      Says the guy who refuse's to answer any question he doesn't like

      your lawyer still hasn't called me

      I am guessing he knows a kid fucking Harper hater like you would get laughed out of court if you tried to sue me. Considering you openly said you will Harm and kill Conservatives if you don't get your way.

      Fact is I am the kinda person you must convince to support this and... you clearly hate me with a bigoted Zeal that makes the west-bough baptist church look open minded and tolerant.

      For any one who reads this Mark Deeply fears me cause i am right. You will never defeat harper if you fallow a bigoted partisan Liberal psychopath. Listen to what i say It tells any intelligent Reasonable person ALL the problems that make this fail

      Proved marks a
      Partisan liberal
      and only a psychopath could act like mark

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.