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Friday, 15 July 2011

The Gutless, Brainless Right

     We need people with a social conscience to stop complaining, and to stand up and fight back. I've decided I've had enough. The name of the post is deliberate. I truly hope it will piss the so-called "right" off enough to actually read this. I welcome that, and comments on my blog are open to everyone, whether you agree or disagree it's a forum to speak up.

     Not all of us socialist libtards are shrinking violets. Not all of us will continue to just put up with your insults and ignorance and walk away, knowing we're right, and you're uninformed. Yes, some of us are willing to come off our high horses and get right down in the gutter with your type.

     Am I calling you names? Why yes, I am! Since you feel the absolute right to call me names, I too have the right to reciprocate (I hope you don't have to look that word up, but feel free).

     In a previous post, I asked a few simple questions to Canadian voters of the conservative persuasion. It's telling that only one person had the guts to mention it to me and I applaud him for at least not being a coward. He didn't come back to the blog to post his defense to this blog post asking conservative voters to explain their support for certain things we learned before the last election, but at least he didn't hide.

     This particular post applies to the right, or, as I am now naming you, the anti-socialists wherever you may reside. I know this is absolutely true because many of you call me a socialist (which is explained here) and I know from your various attacks and opinions that you are pretty much against everything I stand for. I feel, considering those facts, I can freely refer to you as anti-socialists. Fair is fair.

     Now lets talk about some of  your favorite issues. Why not start with your biggie. Your raison d'etre, as it were. The economy. I watch you yap and flap your gums about being fiscally conservative and how only conservatives can run an economy and on and on just blowing smoke out your ears and your ass when you actually don't have a clue what you're talking about. When you need services from the government, you want them, no matter what the cost, but you want to pay less taxes. I shouldn't have to begin to put this into a child like statement, but in my truly magnanimous spirit I want to reach out to you, speak to you on a level you understand. Wanting services while paying less taxes is exactly the same as quitting your decent job to work for minimum wage and still living the same lifestyle. That word deficit is another jackass smokescreen, it's additional debt that has interest charged on it, like your mortgage/car loan/credit cards, it's not like being a quarter short for a burger.

     While anti-socialists believe capitalism is a form of government, the rest of us are acutely aware that it's just an economic system which really doesn't work to the advantage of the majority of people but I don't want to get way over your head here. You're willing to believe almost any of the crap they feed you, my own feeling is you are far to busy worrying about me, me, me, than actually taking the time to think this crap through. That would be hard, and you probably have some cage fighting to watch, or you're an activist, vigourously fighting to repeal the imposition of seat belts on freedom loving anti-socialists.

     No one in their right mind would argue against better pay, more humane working conditions, better benefits, and more attention to health and safety...but this is how I know you people are not in your right minds, because you're vehemently anti-union! I've heard it a million times, how greedy union workers are responsible for just about every ill that happens in the economy. Of course it makes perfect sense to you that no blame for anything should fall on the millionaires, multi-millionaires, billionaires and multi-billionaires who own and run these corporations. They deserve to get richer and richer but joe nobody who works to create that wealth for these select people is greedy because he wants his family to have a decent life, a place to live, food to eat, and maybe some enjoyment. You're not okay with having a middle class that has some rights and a miniscule share of the massive profits raked in by corporations every year, but it never crosses your mind that 75% of the entire wealth of the world is controlled by 200 families. More money than those families could ever spend in a million years and there are people who are homeless, starving to death, tens of thousands of children die from having diarreah, but that's their problem according to scum like you.

     There's more than enough money to allow rich people to be rich and everyone else on the planet to at least be able to have basic food, shelter, security and health care. The minute anyone suggests the way things are being run you go on the attack, but your arguments are based on ridiculous rhetoric that can't even stand up to  any level of scrutiny and doesn't reach the lowest level of what should be considered human decency. You're all for them because anti-socialism appeals to the lowest common denominator. It makes the selfish in you somehow justifiable, and you like that. The great thing about you anti-socialists is watching how easily distracted you are by shiny objects. You're so cute, believing all those blatant lies just because they are repeated to you often enough. Well, it worked with the easter bunny, and the tooth fairy, and Santa Claus so it's good enough for the conservative movement. All the crap you believe about the right way to run the economy is merely a byproduct of a steady, unquestioned diet of bullshit, which you happily eat by the shovelful, denying that there could possibly be anything that might taste better. Get out your team towel, stomp your feet, and chant some catchy taking points, stupid people never care how stupid they look.

     Yes, I'm being nasty. Too bad. I've taken it for far too long and now it's your turn. I'm playing your game and I'm not uncomfortable with that. If I hurt your feelings, too bad. The kind of politics you support leads to nothing but misery, but as long as that misery doesn't badly affect you, you don't really care who suffers.

     It would be in the best interests of you anti-socialists to pay attention to the change in my tone when I talk to you. Where I used to attempt to reach out and reason with you, we've gone beyond the end of my patience. I'm far from alone. You ought to take notice of something outside of your tiny world. People are angry at the attitude and they're starting to show it all over the world. The common human being is damn sick and tired of having to always bear the brunt of the excesses of the few. The outcome of the conservative vision (available only in braille) is the loss of hope from the majority of the world's population.

     Without hope, socialists everywhere are turning to anger. Without hope, many people are willing to take to the streets. Without hope some of them are dying in the streets at the hands of government. While you push to make life worse for people who already have marginal existences, you are unwittingly joining a minority who will either change, or suffer the wrath of the disenfranchised.

     We're sick of the right and their blatant anti-socialism. If you want to support economic war against citizens, go ahead and cast your ball in that court. If you want to continue to hate on women and people who have different skin colour or different customs or you believe there is a normal sexual orientation and all the others need to be cured, just keep on thinking like that, it's oh so Hitleresque of you. Oh, you don't like being compared to the thinking of Hitler? Even when it's true? Boo freakin hoo, suck it up princess.

     I'm going to take on all of your false beliefs. Anytime, anywhere. I'm calling you out because for all your bluff and bluster, you people are no more than a bunch of idiotic playground bullies. I don't take crap from cowardly bullies, and if others are a bit too shy to tell it like it is, and they let the likes of you bully them, I am here to get right in your face and stand up for them.

     I'm not your garden variety shrinking violet. Feel free to expound your feeble vision of why you think you're right. I'll always happy to tear a conservative a new asshole. You anti-socialists never were too good at learning from your own history. For a while you were smart enough to compromise just enough to placate us social justice human rights loving peaceful folks. Now, because you are actually dumb enough to believe your own publicity you have no idea what's coming soon to an unjust society near you.

     While old white guys like me will attempt to tell you the truth about the path you so desire, it's the young, the poor, and the racially and sexually oppressed that will finally reach the breaking point. I was hoping I'd never have to consider such a thing in my lifetime. We've come to the 21st century equivalent of "Let them eat cake" and more and more people are ready to see heads roll.

     You're a bunch of foolish Neroes, fiddling with your talking points, unaware the time could be short before Rome burns down around your ears. You encourage the rape of the environment. You favour greed over compassion. You back the factors that have led to the fall of many a "great" civilization and I'd sure rather we could work together for the betterment of people, but I don't think you have it in you.

     I don't hate anyone. But I sure don't like you much.

     Bring on your best, you gutless, robotic, anti-socialists. I'm ready.



  1. very well said. my thoughts echoed for sure. i am tired of the "us against them" attitude as well. keep on keepin' on, and know that you are not alone. peace.

  2. I like the anti-social label. Well written and thought provoking. Thank you.

  3. Thank you. Such a relief to read after poring over comments in the newspapers.

  4. Hooray! I have been telling activist friends is time to put political correctness aside and time to get up in the faces of everyone who parrots brainless neocon rhetoric.

  5. I'm your guy. I'm climbing right down in their gutter and challenging them to actually defend themselves. They're free to comment here, just like everyone else. I'm prepared to take them on, on behalf of a lot of really pissed off people who aren't getting a voice elsewhere.

    Keep reading, keep sharing, and keep commenting. If you'd like a particular topic discussed, I'm open to suggestions.

  6. If it wasn't for capitalism socialists wouldn't have much resources to be compassionate with. The government has nothing until it first takes from the people. The people have nothing until someone produces something. Someone paid for your free socialist lunch.

  7. I think I'm paying for Duffy and Wallin and all the free lunches of Stephen Harper's socialist fee lunch. Come back when you have a grown up point to make based on a minimum of one fact.

  8. Socialists haven't paid for much that they didn't steal from capitalists. This blog is too dumb for me. I am out of here.