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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What conservative voters cannot explain

     I guess I can chalk this one up to entertainment purposes. I have questions I've been trying to ask conservative voters since the election writ was dropped, so far, not one of them can come up with any kind of suitable or sensible answer to any of my questions.

     I hope some of you will crawl from wherever you're hiding in shame and provide your explanations of my few questions below. But hope and a buck fourty will get me a medium coffee at Tims.

     Let begin my variety of things I want conservative voters to explain. I suppose conservatives don't have the nads to read this, so perhaps my usual readers will have a few more questions to throw out when they too are under attack by trolls.

     First, I'd love for you to explain your view that your party is good for the economy. I call it clueless to go from a 16 billion dollar budgetary surplus with a sustained pattern of making actual payments on the principal of the national debt to running the largest deficits in history. You call it good management. Explain that one, or perhaps this is how you handle your personal finances so it's normal for you.

     That's not the hardest question I have for you, my dear conservative voter friends. That's merely a test to see how one can wholeheartedly support lying to oneself. If I've learned anything, it's that conservatives have no time to be bothered with facts.They have too much on their plate studying rhetoric and foolish talking points. I also have to give honourable mention to their vocabulary when it comes to name calling and swearing when one attempts to introduce facts into the conversation. Bravo.

     So...tell me how you look in the mirror every day knowing your choice of Prime Minister is widely known to be a control freak who rarely opens his mouth to do anything but lie. You idolize a man who surrounds himself with criminals (Bruce Carson, Top Aide in the PMO and a 5 time convicted fraudster). That's not enough, the slime continues with his fundraising senators, 2 of whom have fraud charges pending. No suggestion they step down, not even so much as a suspension. You must be proud of that! Talk about the moral high ground! Since you think it's fine to blather about being tough on crime without a clue what that even means, even if we could pretend Harper didn't know Carson was more than a tiny bit crooked and engaged in dangerously looney behaviour with women of questionable character, someone had to have given him very high security clearance for his job. Even when the lurid details were publicly revealed, no call for an investigation how these serious crimes could be overlooked. No heads rolled for whoever cleared him, which also wasn't revealed no matter how many times the questions were asked. Plenty of staffers were thrown under the Harper bus during the election, but they were all low level functionaries. The obviously provided traction for the supporters of people of such high moral fibre.

     Let's discuss outright theft from taxpayers. Don't tell me you don't know or have never heard of the "In & Out" scheme. I suppose you're fine with a political party stealing money from taxpayers, or, your party stealing it (you're still indignant about Adscam but that was a different party). I guess that's acceptable to tough on crime conservatives. Now if you don't understand in and out, it's basically the same thing as going to an ATM, making a deposit with an empty envelope then withdrawing cash. I guess only good conservative citizens engage in this type behaviour, I know I'd never do something like that. They may not have defrauded banks, but they claimed illegal subsidies for local advertising to the tune of 1.2 million dollars, tax dollars, from your pocket too dummy. I guess that's the conservative "cost of doing business"

     Now if you're going to support a crew of thieves, you might as well shred all of your moral fiber and cheer on the misappropriation of 50 million tax dollars for one riding, Tony Clement's Muskoka riding. Aside from presenting parliament with a request for dedicated money to improve the speed of border crossings (which is actually very important for business) and taking a 50 million dollar chunk to spend on Gazebos and portable toilets and beautification ideas like signs and fancying up the areas where the G8 leaders never went, the spending itself was decided by politicians alone, with absolutely no paper trail or consultation with senior civil servants as has been the practice since confederation. I admit I don't understand how you could possibly be ok with this, but you are. I'm not, not with any party.

     It only makes sense that you support pesky little things like altered documents and tabling in the house of commons a document which contained two blatant lies, using the words of highly respected individuals (former Auditor-General Sheila Fraser, and Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page), taken from other documents or interviews about other subjects and using them to give the official impression these two watchdogs were praising them. That's more fraud. To be kind, it is encouraging plagarism which will earn you a quick exit from any university, and cost the Dean of the U of Alberta medical school his position just recently. I guess your kids will grow up with no values either, what with your wholehearted support of such activities.

     I have plenty of other things I'd like to know, as soon as you answer to these.

     You condone criminal behaviour, you're ok the theft of taxpayer money, you are 100% fine with people who lie, who are vindictive and try to destroy the lives of innocent people (Helena Guergis for one), you don't mind if they fritter away billions of dollars your grandchildren can't afford to pay. You are open and accepting of outright fraud. Hell you must be a swell group of people.

     Glad you aren't my people.


  1. Very true... these questions must be answered.

    There are other pressing questions as well. But these are the perfect ones to start with.

    Great Article!

  2. You're way too easy on these guys...

    Great article!

  3. Troll repellent!

    I've asked many a Harper cheerleader those very questions. Like yourself, I'm still waiting for viable answers. I think I'm going to die of old age before that happens, unfortunately.