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Sunday, 20 November 2011

The 99% Party ~ You're Invited to Occupy It

I'd like to be frank, however my parents named me Mark so I'll just be open.

A lot of people are asking "Where does the Occupy Movement go from here"? For my own part, there is really no question about the answer. Friends, we have to do politics. As ugly as the concept sounds, if we want to change the world, we have to do it from a position of power. We, collectively, will never be able to exert the influence on existing political parties. I don't care if you're Canadian, American, European, Australian or any country on the globe. The current system that got us to this mess is firmly entrenched in politics and that is one of the main ways we will change the world, or not.

So, that leaves us to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Just as Occupy has peacefully taken the streets, now we must begin to build the machine that will allow us to take the seats. If we want change, there is absolutely no question our number one priority should be putting together the people who will Occupy the halls of government on behalf of the 99%. Anyone else you elect will be occupying the seats on behalf of the status quo.

This is also the fastest way to change. Unless you want a protracted dispute, unless you want to continue to support the people who, over the centuries, have told you what you want to hear to get elected, then proceeded to fuck you hard up the ass the same way they've been doing all along.

It will talk a lot of hard work. It requires dedication. It's also eminently doable.

We need to move the movement forward. In order to make the changes required to make global society more equitable this is a must. It will also show we mean business. The mistake of those disaffected Americans who call themselves the "Tea Party" was to latch on to an existing political machine, the Republicans. Somehow they mistakenly believe they will make the Republicans care about their issues. It's much the same situation for Occupy. We cannot, must not, try to hitch our wagons to ANY existing political party. The only thing they will do is destroy what we are working toward. If there are "good people" in other parties who really want change, let them quit their existing party and join ours.

In the meantime, we have plenty of politically savvy, articulate people, every bit as capable of taking the reigns of power back from the 1% and putting it in the hands of people who will work for the citizens, not the corporate "persons".

The only cost to join the 99% party is a pledge you will work for the election of your candidate, and that you will commit to vote, and to getting out the vote that will allow us to make sensible structural and financial changes to the system that will democratize democracy, which is what has been missing for a long time.

I know from many years of community organizing we all have skills of some sort. We all have strengths we can bring to the table. We are behooved to begin the process. We know the powers that be are fearful of the movement. They really expected it to go away, they expected us to give up and go back to our lives and stop agitating for people who are miserable, living in conditions of poverty in a world with more than enough to supply our needs.

This is the time to seize on the power we have already gained in the hearts and minds of global citizens. This is going to show we are moving forward in the right way.

When elections roll around, and we have candidates, and those candidates are supported by the 99% and take seats, and take power, there will be no choice but to take us far more seriously. We can, we must, and we will do this, or the dispute will go on long after I am dead and it will be too late. We've already passed the tipping point, we can't rest on our laurels and say "what a great job we're doing" if we aren't prepared to follow up with concrete action.

We must use the non violent means we have to take our countries back from the elitist corporate owned pigs at the trough. Then, and only then, will we make the significant changes that will move mankind forward.

Or we can continue with the same bullshitters in office and get what we deserve.

Your choice: Carpe Diem...or Status Quo.

So who wants to get this done?


  1. "Just as Occupy has peacefully taken the streets, now we must begin to build the machine that will allow us to take the seats."

    I disagree. There is room in this country for speaking your mind over a coffee to a neighbour as well as being present at the g20 as well as putting one's views on twitter. The Occupy protests are part of the dialogue of decision making and are useful even without some kind of motto or logo or constitution. Everyone is damn clear that the system is rigged for the 1% and this form of protest is a small manifestation of that.

    "If we want change, there is absolutely no question our number one priority should be putting together the people who will Occupy the halls of government on behalf of the 99%..."

    I agree (obvious challenges notwithstanding). I think the discussion should be about whether or not our society can function without hierarchies of power. We've never done it before. Why not? What would it look like? Could it be that everyone that is elected by the people really believes deep down that any hierarchy is better than no hierarchy (like "democracy is the best of a bad bunch")? Look at Jim Stanford - he seems to know. Does he really believe we can get by without hierarchies of power? He says we can be more progressive, but......

  2. Humans, as a species, desire order to a certain degree because it gives them a sense of security. Our problem is more of one that governments have become corporate focused rather than acting in the best interests of all. I don't believe our system is so broken it cannot be fixed. I don't have a problem with some people being richer than others, nor do I think corporate profits are a bad thing. It is when excessiveness comes into the equation.
    It also has to be recognized this is not about left or right, since both models have valid ideas we can come to majority agreement on.
    When governments practice out of control spending, we pay twice. Once with our taxes, and on the other end in interest on debt and cuts to services we want/or need.
    It should make sense to no one that the government is spending more than it takes in, yet still reducing corporate tax. That's like buying a home and quitting your 30 dollar an hour job to work at a convenience store.
    Something must be done.

  3. But thats the liberals and NDP as well

    the Liberals Violated the right's of conservitive voters 13 Differant ways Bent and twisted the charter to attack and harass a dissenting identifiable group. the NDP leader said he's going to whip the vote and Violate the privacy rights of canadians who don't agree with his views.

    They're records are as bad as Harper and in some ways worse.

    I'd like the right to not have to list personal property In an insecure data base. Mulcair feels it's OK to have government Spying... AS long as the voted isn't an NDP voter.

    BTW the occupy movement ISN'T peacefull it's named after an act of war...

    Also it got attention Cause administration loyal media Was trying to avoid the news of the AG being possibly wanted in Mexico for 300 counts accessory to murder.

    the occupy movement is just as intollerant and abusive as the accusations against the "fascists" you claim to be fighting.