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Friday, 11 November 2011

My Advice to Occupy NS & other evicted protesters.

On the day set aside to honour those who gave their lives, those who survived, and those still willing to put themselves in harm's way, a National Disgrace was perpetrated in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada today.

This is an outrage and the responsibility for this blot on the memory of those who fought for the right to freedom of assembly, of freedom of speech for all lands squarely at the feet of Mayor Peter Kelly, and by extension, the corporation of the City of Halifax.

Now is the time for the supporters of Occupy NS to come together in support of the rights of their fellow citizens by exercising more of their legal rights. Begin now by taking the following steps.

1. Everyone should immediately file a request to speak at council. You have that right.
2. Make requests for information from the city. Ask any question you want. Ask one or more a day. Encourage your friends to ask questions. Ask about spending. Ask about the length and diameter of pipes. Ask lots of shit.
3. Council meetings are public. Show up. Keep showing up. You don't need to be disruptive, just show up. If people on the agenda speaking, give them an extended ovation. Do every single legal thing you can to make business as usual, business unusual.
4. You have email, use it. Email a council member. Email the mayor. Email the city. Doesn't have to be long, just send lots.
5. You'd be surprised how disruptive it is to come in to a full inbox. Every Day.
6. You have a right to make telephone calls. Every city department has a phone number. There are a lot of things you can complain about, or ask questions about. Somebody knows where your council member lives, if they don't answer your questions, drop them off in their mailbox.

In short, take action against oppressors by using their own system against them. It's about time they had to work for their money.

Good Luck. There are plenty of ways to show your displeasure. Embrace them.

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