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Friday, 18 November 2011

How to Identify Morons

I call a lot of people Morons. I also call them retards, although some people get all boo hoo when you use certain words, preferring instead to call something a marshmallow-y sweetie pie bullshit politically correct name. Not this guy.

The opinions expressed in this blog are my own, frankly I care less whether you disagree, that's your right. I decided when OWS began, one of my contributions has been to drop the moral higher ground. I've realized the only thing these morons get is when you stop trying to baffle them with truth and facts, to stop being too polite or nice to climb right down there in the gutter and throw their own shitbombs right back at them. I'll take whatever flak I get for being harsh, if people choose to unfollow me that's ok as well, I want a free world. I find I have gained far more followers since I took off the traditional leftie gloves. I'm going way back to another time in my life to dredge up a personality the 99% needs. A mean, cold hearted, nasty social democrat.

So getting to my topic, here are a number of things that will help you identify a moron: They're like zombies, except their drivel rots brains.

Morons Say & Believe Ridiculous Shit

  1. If a person is poor, they are somehow to blame. (no one wants to be poor)
  2. Union workers are lazy and overpaid (go check work conditions/wages in countries without them)
  3. If a person is rich or famous, they deserve respect. (respect is earned through deeds/character)
  4. Cutting corporate taxes creates jobs. (last year in CDA/US they pocketed 83B~Cda/1.93T~US)
  5. Big corporations give us jobs and put money in the economy. (nothing compared to what they take out) 
  6. Aboriginal people get everything free and pay no tax (they have never been to a reserve)
  7. If you criticize military action you hate our troops. (Your own government hates them if they're vets)
  8. Occupy protests are dangerous and violent (only for pepper-sprayed/clubbed/shot peaceful protesters)
  9. The current government is fiscally responsible (responsible for record deficit spending)
  10. Many people have been unemployed for long periods of time. (Most, if they can find a job would)
Feel free to add to the list in the comments section. I'm drugged to ward off a nearly crushed chest and have to work in five hours.

I know we hear many examples of these people who spout crap like this every day. let's expose this shit, let's take them to task, join me for Moron-story sharing anytime!!


  1. ridiculous article, you are setting up bullshit premises and answering them yourself. Morons also say that

    Nobody who is poor is to blame
    No unions abuse the right to bargain
    Nobody who is rich or famous deserves respect

    etc etc, you get it? it is silly writing in such a way, just say what you believe and we can decide if YOU are moron or not

  2. Damn! That was almost too fishing in your aquarium. So, how hard is it to catch a moron? Just look above. One sure sign that you've hooked a moron? They have a piss-poor excuse for everything. I remember it well...from the playground as a child...these were the guys whose comebacks always began with "OH YEAH!..."

  3. Oh yeah...I forgot...they (morons) seldom take responsibility for anything, even their own opinion. Anonymous is usually synonymous...with cowardly pussy.

  4. I noticed the announcement today spending is up 22% under the CON-servatives...and these fucks haven't even started spending the billions on defense contracts and prisons and all their other ideologically-driven policies.

  5. as usual guys with no actual reply are reduced to name calling,, I gave a perfect review of the article and why it is faulty, you came back with fuck all
    hate to break it to you Raceguy but you act exactly like the morons you are complaining about. haha